Ottawa Protest Aug 29: Good News, Protect the School Children, Rights and Freedoms

Hugh Riley and I did a video interview Aug 25.20 to focus on protecting school children, understanding how our human rights and freedom are being violated through COVID19 measures, how to take back personal power, and ruthless governance in New Zealand and Australia. If the predator class get away with it there, they will attempt to get away with it everywhere unless the majority of people stop them.

Links in the video provide valuable resources so please open and share.

Partial transcript: 2 video clips approximately 3 minutes each

02:12 mins
My name is Professor Dolores J. Cahill, PhD Immunologist & Molecular Biologist. I set up a company from 1997 to 2019, and all of my research career has been about early diagnosis of disease to reduce symptoms and keep people healthy, not to sell drugs not make money. All my life has been about research integrity. For 15 years I was a professor, for 10 years I was on the government advisory science council, and for 15 years I’ve been advising the EU as an expert.

I’m only telling you that because my expertise is not just in science but actually looking at the impacts of government policy in science, innovation, and education on all society, and as doctors, scientists, and in public health, we all, and the government and politicians, have a duty to look at the harm as well as the benefits of everything they implement and what they’re doing is not considering the harm from the lock down versus the deaths associated with COVID19 and this is wrong. We need to choose truth, choose freedom and tell them no, this is wrong.

13:30 mins
One of the most excellent lawyers in Canada Rocco Galati, on the 6th of July, filed a lawsuit to the Ontario Superior Court to hold for Canada’s pandemic response measures, including compulsory masks, the closures of business, and enforcement of physical distance, he is suing the governments of Canada and Ontario, the city of Toronto, senior politicians, the local individuals in the health authorities, so the local individuals, the heads of departments of the civil servants, and the medical authorities and doctors, and he’s saying thus the closures and all these measures were extreme, unwarranted, and unjustified. Self-isolation imposed on individuals, just like Ireland was not scientific, not medically based, and not proven.

The mandatory wearing of face coverings imposes physical and psychological harm, and this lawsuit alleges the measures violate the right of association, the right of freedom, the right of security of the person, unlawful search and seizure, arbitrary detention, and intrusion into the family home.

We need to do the exact same in Ireland, and one bright bit of good news is that in Poland, the minister for Health Łukasz Szumowski resigned for the way Poland handled the lock down.

So, what I ask is, we should not allow schools to impose social distancing or masks or any testing or treatment without family, and parental, and guardian consent, so all of you are going to have to write letters, and all of you on social media. I fully support Tracy O’Mahony in her initiative against mandatory vaccinations.

You need to actually write what’s called a NOTICE OF LIABILITY, and you have to say Dear Chairman of your school board, Dear Principal with their name, Dear Teacher. If they start to write you out a letter to say social distancing and masks, YOU SAY I will comply with your policies and measures on one condition that you personally sign this NOTICE OF LIABILITY to say this is scientifically proven and justified, will not cause any unnecessary mental health, and that if this is not the case they can be held personally, the teacher, the principal, the chairman and every single parent on the governing board, and if I was a parent on those governing boards I would resign.

I would be happy to go to any and every school in Ireland for free, and I will say “What you are doing miss teacher, miss principal, miss chairman of the board personally, you are going to infringe mental anguish on those children and they will have psychological and mental health and anxiety issues their whole lives, and we will not stand by and watch you ruin a generation of Irish children.

This is IT folks!

It’s time to self empower! How? Expand your awareness, tame your ego and negative emotions, put aside personal differences to cooperate with kindred spirits because energetically ‘numbers’ count .

WHAT IF the mark of the beast is actually the ‘number’ of man? In other words, what if it is the number of individuals who choose good over evil? If so, what do you choose?

Please share widely, to safeguard children returning to school as well as the rest of us. Thank you.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life


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