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CRITICAL Information for Business Owners and All Canadians

To make a Declaration of Emergency in Canada certain “conditions” must be met first, otherwise you could have mass pandemonium for nothing. Conditions are like the “safety” feature on a firearm. 100% necessary or else you could kill someone by accident.

None of the Canadian Provinces met any of the “conditions” to make a Declaration of Emergency. All covid-19 measures started because of these FRAUDULENT declarations of emergency, Canada-wide. Since it all STARTED with this, it also ENDS with this.

In mid March 2020, each Canadian Province declared their respective Declarations of Emergency one right after another. On March 17, 2020 when the Province of Ontario, for example, made their declaration of emergency, there were only 750 COVID-19 “related” deaths in all of Canada. With a population of nearly 38,000,000 and only 750 deaths, the mass provincial declarations were excessive, unreasonable and unjustified.

Canadian public health services reported Mar 09.20 ONE death from COVID19 [line 2].

With further and continual extensions to the Declarations of Emergency by all provinces, it is now proven to be a sheer abuse of authority. The states of emergencies did not, and never existed.

Why are we doing this?

Because we love our families and our country. Because all Canadians and all business owners will be subject to the NEXT second-wave of unreasonable and unjustified lock-down measures. Many small business owners simply will not survive. Arm yourselves with this critical information so you can stand up and take your power back.

We will demonstrate to you, by using Ontario as a detailed example, how the Declaration of Emergency did not meet the “emergency” definition including specific criteria and conditions required to make this declaration. And that NO such emergency ever existed. We then follow up with information for all other provinces in Canada, so that you can see for yourselves that the very same thing occurred.


March 17, 2020 – Premier Ford made a “Declaration of Emergency” under section 7.0.1 of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA).  In order to make this “declaration” though, the following criteria needed to have been met under sub-section (3). 

Sub-section (3) – these are the Criteria for making a Declaration of Emergency:

1 – There is an emergency that requires immediate action to prevent, reduce or mitigate a “danger of major proportions” that could result in serious harm to persons or substantial damage to property (this is the actual definition of “emergency”)

– on March 17, 2020, there were only 750 deaths in Canada when the Premier declared this emergency

– with our population of nearly 38,000,000 – this criteria of “danger of major proportions” was not met

– 750 deaths do not constitute any “danger of major proportions”

– therefore the Premier’s declaration was made in VIOLATION to the very definition of “emergency” under the EMCPA


“emergency” means a situation or an impending situation that constitutes a “danger of major proportions” that could result in serious harm to persons or substantial damage to property and that is caused by the forces of nature, a disease or other health risk, an accident or an act whether intentional or otherwise; (“situation d’urgence”)

2 – ONE of the following three (3) circumstances must exist in order to make this Declaration of Emergency:

(i) The “resources” normally available to a ministry of the Government of Ontario or an agency, board or commission or other branch of the government, including existing legislation, “cannot be relied upon” without the risk of serious delay

There are 2 meanings here:

#1 that the existing “emergency plans” were not reliable

– did you know that every Municipality in Ontario and the Government of Ontario itself must formulate an emergency plan?

– and that they conduct training exercises each year in order to be fully prepared for any emergency

– and that this emergency plan is reviewed and revised each year

– therefore, this “circumstance” under subparagraph (i) does not exist

#2 that the current medical system could “not be relied on” to handle any crisis

– but wait, if the hospitals had not cancelled all surgeries and remained open for business as usual, then this “circumstance” would have existed

– but this did not happen

– in an effort to meet the “danger of major proportions” with this medical crisis, the hospitals cancelled all surgeries, and cleared beds waiting for a tsunami of COVID-19 patients that never came

– therefore, this “circumstance” under subparagraph (i) also does not exist

(ii). The “resources” referred to in subparagraph (i) may be “insufficiently effective” to address the emergency

– again, if the hospitals had remained open for business as usual, this “circumstance” would exist

– however, the hospitals cancelled all surgeries to ensure they would be “sufficiently effective” to address the emergency, of which never came

– therefore, this “circumstance” under subparagraph (ii) also does not exist

(iii). It is not possible without the risk of serious delay, to “ascertain” whether the “resources” referred to in subparagraph (i) can be “relied upon“


– considering that the “resources” under subparagraph (i) are the 444 Municipalities, the Government of Ontario itself and the hospitals in Ontario

– considering the yearly review and training exercises of all emergency plans by municipal and provincial staff

– considering the cancellation of all surgeries by Ontario hospitals in their effort to meet this medical crisis (which never came)

– considering all of these extraordinary things the Government of Ontario was doing to keep Ontarian’s safe

– in light of all of the considerations that all parties went to in order to be “reliable” and ready for emergencies, therefore, this “circumstance” under subparagraph (iii) also does not exist

– therefore, the declaration of emergency is also in VIOLATION of sub-section (3) which is the criteria for declaration.


Current covid-19 “related” deaths for Canada and all provinces as of September 3, 2020 (we will update this accordingly)

Total deaths Canada-wide at time of declaration in March 2020 was 750
Current deaths as of September 3, 2020 Canada-wide is 9,140
Canada’s total population is nearly 38,000,000

Ontario covid-19 “related” deaths as of September 3, 2020 = 2,812
Ontario population as of September 3, 2020 = 14,745,040

2,812 deaths does not constitute a “danger of major proportions”, especially when 84% of those deaths occurred in long-term-care homes, and out of a population of nearly 15 MILLION people!


Further Consideration

Fast forward to today September 3, 2020, there have only been 9,140 COVID-19 “related” deaths and considering our unchanged population of nearly 38,000,000, all of the above criteria are still not met.  Were you aware of how COVID-19 deaths have been classified? Anyone who died from a primary cause of death, like heart attacks, Alzheimer’s, suicide, cancer – their death record was changed to COVID-19 if they had tested positive or showed symptoms. Does that seem ethical to you?

The latest data on Statistics Canada is only for 2018 which reported that 8,511 people died from influenza (respiratory disease/the flu). This number goes up on average about 1,200 deaths/year based on their previous years records. Based on this average, 10,911 souls would be estimated to pass away from influenza in 2020. The data does not lie. We are in a typical flu season. And with the unethical classification of covid-19 deaths, the actual death toll number is much lower.

We cannot shut an entire country down, cripple our economy, force mask-wearing on every citizen, poison them with hand sanitizers, etc, all in the name of a typical seasonal death toll. Our Canadian brothers and sisters are now afraid of human contact! They have been conditioned to fear everyone, even their own family members. This is just so wrong. The mass propaganda that anyone and everyone could be “a-systematic” is criminal.

Why the government never talks about our natural immune system is completely irresponsible and reckless. Our bodies are designed to fight off viruses! And finally …why the government never talks about the 99.9% recovery rate is now becoming criminal negligence.

But WAIT! What about ALL of the people who are testing positive?

This is totally irrelevant. Why? Because we have a 99.9% recovery rate. The only people who will die with virus related complications, like the flu, are people with very compromised immune systems. Their immune system is already very weak and another hit to it is too much for the body to take. Thus, they die “with” the virus, not from it. The mass number of people testing positive is ONLY another fear tactic! All you ever need to be concerned about is the “all cause mortality” number. This means the total number of deaths, for all causes. This number has not changed as compared from this year to last! Why is this significant? Because if the “all cause mortality” number has NOT gone up, it means that there are NO new diseases killing anyone. The data does not lie.

The probability of dying with this virus is 0.00024. Compare this to heart disease which is a 1 to 4 ratio. Your odds of dying from heart disease is MUCH greater than dying with this virus

Fear is being used as the #1 motivator to have people and businesses follow along with all of the unlawful orders the Government and Public Health Officers are making.

The extended state of emergency under the Ontario EMPCA does not exist.  It never existed.  The lack of deaths proves that this state of emergency is non-existent.

It is very important to understand the information we have shared with you about how the state of emergency was declared. Because all of the provincial governments will resume lock-down measures with the “second wave” they are predicting this autumn / winter. They will use the same “state of emergency” justification.

Do you think you can survive another second wave of forced business closures? Again, you need to ask yourself if any of these overwhelming abuses of authority, violations to our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, coupled with the BILLIONS of Canadian tax-payer dollars spent on “COVID-19 measures” – is this really justified with only 9,140 COVID-19 “related” deaths? This is completely illogical.


What follows are the remaining Canadian provinces that also declared a state of emergency. Please take note of the number of deaths per province. It will shock you. Also, please read the definitions for “emergency” or the requirements to take such action, and decide for yourself if any emergency existed at all.

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The truth and correction or hell on Earth?

There is no stopping the truth from setting us free when each of us does our part.

Research carefully BEFORE giving personal power away in a ballot box, which is CONsent to bondage.

And BEFORE a COVID19 vaccine is mandated that will forever alter your DNA and imprison your spirit/soul power.

And BEFORE the global and economic fiance system is crashed and wipes you out. Read Protocol No. 20 WE SHALL DESTROY CAPITAL See pages 210 to 218

Please share this post with Canadians and Indigenous peoples, and in other countries, so people around the world can modify the Canadian template to set themselves free. Thank you.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life


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