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Understanding how the Declarations of Emergency never existed

Did you know that in order to make a Declaration of Emergency in any province or territory in Canada, that certain “conditions” must be met first?  This would make sense, otherwise you could have mass pandemonium for nothing. Conditions are like the “safety” feature on a firearm. 100% necessary or else you could kill someone by accident.

However, this did not happen when each province and territory in Canada made their Declarations of Emergency. 

What we are about to expose to you is this. None of the Canadian provinces and territories met any of the “conditions” to make a Declaration of Emergency.  Further, they based their declarations on a “predictive” model from the UK that was outrageously over predicting the number of deaths in Canada.

In mid March 2020, each Canadian province and territory declared their respective Declarations of Emergency one right after another. Beginning on March 14 until March 27, 2020. Within 14 days, the entire country was locked down. Never before seen in our history. 

On March 17, 2020 when the province of Ontario, for example, made its declaration of emergency, there was only 1 COVID-19 “related” death in Ontario, and 2 in all of Canada. In fact, the first COVID-19 “related” death was reported in British Columbia on March 9, 2020, a man in his 80’s with reported underlying health conditions (CBC). Ontario’s first COVID-19 “related” death occurred on March 11, 2020, a 77 year old man (Global News). 

With Canada’s population of nearly 38,000,000 and only 2 COVID-19 “related” deaths at that time, all provincial and territorial declarations were excessive, unreasonable and unjustified.

With further and continual extensions to the Declarations of Emergency by all provinces and territories, it is now proven to be a sheer abuse of authority. The states of emergencies did not, and never existed. 

All COVID Measures STARTED as a result of these Declarations of Emergency.

As of March 09, 2020, Canada confirmed its first death reported to COVID19.

Why are we doing this?

Because we love our families and our country. Because all Canadians and all business owners will be subject to the NEXT second-wave of unreasonable and unjustified lock-down measures. Many small business owners simply will not survive. Arm yourselves with this critical information so you can stand up and take your power back.

We will demonstrate to you, by using Ontario as a detailed example, how the Declaration of Emergency did not meet the “emergency” definition including specific criteria required to make this declaration. And that NO such emergency ever existed – then or now. We then follow up with information for all other provinces and territories in Canada, so that you can see for yourselves that the very same thing occurred.


March 17, 2020 – Premier Ford made a “Declaration of Emergency” under section 7.0.1 of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA). In order to make this “declaration” though, the following 2 criteria needed to have been met under sub-section (3). 

Sub-section (3) – there are 2 criteria for making a Declaration of Emergency:

Criteria 1:

There is an emergency that requires immediate action to prevent, reduce or mitigate a “danger of major proportions” that could result in serious harm to persons or substantial damage to property (this is the actual definition of “emergency”)

Our analysis:

– on March 17, 2020, there was only 1 COVID-19 “related” death in Ontario when the Premier declared this emergency

– with Ontario’s population of just over 14,745,000 – this criteria of “danger of major proportions” was not met

1 death does not constitute any “danger of major proportions”

therefore the Premier’s declaration was made in VIOLATION to the very definition of “emergency” under the EMCPA


emergency” means a situation or an impending situation that constitutes a “danger of major proportions” that could result in serious harm to persons or substantial damage to property and that is caused by the forces of nature, a disease or other health risk, an accident or an act whether intentional or otherwise; (“situation d’urgence”)

Criteria 2:

ONE of the following 3 (iii) circumstances must exist in order to make this Declaration of Emergency:

Criteria 2 – circumstance (i):

The “resources” normally available to a ministry of the Government of Ontario or an agency, board or commission or other branch of the government, including existing legislation, “cannot be relied upon” without the risk of serious delay

Our analysis:

There are 2 meanings here:

#1 meaning – that the existing “emergency plans” were “not reliable”

– did you know that every Municipality in Ontario and the Government of Ontario itself must formulate an emergency plan under sections 3, 6, 8 or 8.1 of the EMCPA?

– and that they conduct training exercises each year in order to be fully prepared for any emergency

– and that this emergency plan is reviewed and revised each year

therefore, this “circumstance” under subparagraph (i) does not exist

#2 meaning – that the “current medical system” could “not be relied on” to handle any crisis

– but wait, if the hospitals had not cancelled all surgeries and remained open for business as usual, then this “circumstance” would have existed

– but this did not happen

– in an effort to meet the “danger of major proportions” with this medical crisis, the hospitals cancelled all surgeries, and cleared beds waiting for a tsunami of COVID-19 patients that never came

therefore, this “circumstance” under subparagraph (i) also does not exist

Criteria 2 – circumstance (ii):

The “resources” referred to in subparagraph (i) may be “insufficiently effective” to address the emergency

Our analysis:

– again, if the hospitals had remained open for business as usual, this “circumstance” would exist

– however, the hospitals cancelled all surgeries to ensure they would be “sufficiently effective” to address the emergency, of which never came

therefore, this “circumstance” under subparagraph (ii) also does not exist

Criteria 2 – circumstance (iii):

It is not possible without the risk of serious delay, to “ascertain” whether the “resources” referred to in subparagraph (i) can be “relied upon

Our analysis:

– our emphatic first response is, REALLY?!

– considering that the “resources” under subparagraph (i) are the 444 Municipalities, the Government of Ontario itself and the 384 hospitals in Ontario

– considering the yearly review and training exercises of all emergency plans by municipal and provincial staff

– considering the cancellation of all surgeries by Ontario hospitals in their effort to meet this medical crisis (which never came)

– considering all of these extraordinary things the Government of Ontario was doing to keep Ontarians safe

– in light of all of the considerations that all parties went to in order to be “reliable” and ready for emergencies, therefore, this “circumstance” under subparagraph (iii) also does not exist

therefore, the declaration of emergency is also in VIOLATION of sub-section (3) which is the criteria for declaration.



Total COVID-19 “related” deaths in Ontario on March 17, 2020 when declaration was first made = 1 

1 death did not constitute a “danger of major proportions” out of a population of 14,745,040


Current Ontario COVID-19 “related” deaths as of our reporting on November 12, 2020 = 3,293 

Ontario population as of 2020 = 14,745,040 

3,293 deaths does not constitute a “danger of major proportions”, especially when 84% of those deaths occurred in long-term-care homes, out of a population of nearly 15 MILLION people, and especially when the recovery rate is 99.9%!


Further Analysis / Consideration

Fast forward to our update on November 12, 2020, there are 10,768 COVID-19 “related” deaths in Canada and considering our unchanged population of nearly 38,000,000, this represents 0.028% of the population who have died. 

Were you aware of how COVID-19 deaths have been classified? Anyone who died from a primary cause of death, like heart attacks, Alzheimers, suicide, cancer – their death record was changed to COVID-19 if they had tested positive or showed symptoms. Does that seem ethical to you?

The latest data on Statistics Canada is only for 2018 which reported that 8,511 people died from influenza and pneumonia (respiratory disease/the flu). This number goes up on average about 1,200 deaths/year based on their previous years records. Based on this average, 10,911 souls would be estimated to pass away from influenza in 2020. The data does not lie. We are in a typical flu season. And with the unethical classification of COVID-19 deaths, the actual death toll number is much lower.

We cannot shut an entire country down, cripple our economy, force mask-wearing on every citizen, poison them with banned hand sanitizers, all in the name of a typical seasonal death toll. Our Canadian brothers and sisters are now afraid of human contact! They have been conditioned to fear everyone, even their own family members. This is just so wrong.  We are social creatures – we need social interaction, human touch in order to survive and thrive.  The mass propaganda that anyone and everyone could be “asymptomatic” is criminal.

Declarations of Emergencies called on Predictive Basis

We now know that all the provinces and territories made their respective Declarations of Emergency based on an international predictive model from Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London UK on March 16, 2020.  His report warned that tens of millions would die in a pandemic that was compared to the Spanish flu, the deadliest epidemic in modern times.  Two days later, the US-Canada border closed to ‘non-essential’ travel, and one week after that, Prime Minister Trudeau announced an $82 BILLION aid package to address the massive job losses expected from the lockdowns. 

Predictive vs Reality 

Ferguson projected that, unmitigated, COVID-19 would kill 326,000 people in Canada this year.  That would be 0.861% of Canada’s population [326,000 / 37,855,621)*100].  As of November 12, 2020 there have been 10,279 COVID-19 “related” deaths in Canada or 0.028%, and 3,166 in Ontario or 0.021%.  We don’t know about you, but that is a VAST difference and one that can no longer be ignored.  Stats Canada only has data up until 2018 – 8,511 influenza deaths (the flu).  Given that 2019 is not published for whatever reason, it would appear that the COVID-19 “related” deaths for 2020 are in par with reported Canadian government statistics. 

  1. Predictive = 326,000 COVID-19 deaths or 0.861% of Canada’s populations would occur
  2. *Reality = 10,768 COVID-19 “related” deaths or 0.028% of Canada’s population  / 3,293 COVID-19 “related” deaths or 0.021% in Ontario did happen
    *As of November 12, 2020 there are 10,768 COVID-19 “related” deaths for 2020 in Canada; this is still in par with latest reported Canadian government statistics on annual deaths for influenza which was 8,511 deaths in 2018

Counting the Continual Declarations of Emergency in ONTARIO

So let’s say that we would call the FIRST Declaration of Emergency as an act of “good faith”.  That our provincial governments were acting in the best interest of Canadians with the information they had at hand during that time.  Heck, we could even go so far as to say they were still acting in good faith for the SECOND and maybe even the THIRD Declaration of Emergency.  But what about the FOURTH, FIFTH and SIXTH and now with continual lockdown for one year at a time now?

  1. 1st  s. 7.0.7(1) EMCPA  14 days only       Mar 17-30/20
  2. 2nd s. 7.0.7(2) EMCPA 1 further extension 14 days only    Mar 31-Apr 13/20
  3. 3rd s. 7.0.7(3) EMCPA additional periods no more than 28 days    Apr 14-May 11/20
  4. 4th s. 7.0.7(3) EMCPA  additional periods no more than 28 days   May 12-Jun 8/20
  5. 5th  s. 7.0.7(3) EMCPA additional periods no more than 28 days   Jun 9-Jul 6/20 
  6. 6th  s. 7.0.7(3) EMCPA 14 days this time      Jul 7-20/20

When it is all going to end?

Good question.  Are you wondering like us, how long this can go on for?  Seems like the powers shifted from the Premier to the Lieutenant Governor in Council (LGC) (and you wonder why most Canadians are confused with this stuff!!!) under section 7.0.7 Termination of Emergency.  

Turns out that under this section that the LGC holds all the cards now.  The LGC under section 7.0.7(1) “an emergency declared under section 7.0.1 (by the Premier of Ontario), is terminated at the end of the 14th day following its declaration UNLESS the LGC by order declares it to be terminated at an earlier date.  

According to s.7.0.7(4) “If there is a resolution before the Assembly to extend the period of the emergency, the declaration of emergency shall continue until the resolution is voted on.”  Huh? Who is the “Assembly”?  They are the MPP’s who you elect and who sit in the Ontario House of Commons.

Seems that the Assembly may have powers to END the declaration of emergency because according to section 7.0.9(1) “Despite section 7.0.7, the Assembly may by resolution disallow the declaration of emergency under section 7.0.1 (made by the Premier) or the extension of 

emergency.”  Maybe give your MPP a phone call if you want the declaration of emergency to end.  Seems they DO have more power than they may have been telling their constituents.

Emergency Powers Shifts from EMCPA to Reopening Ontario Act

The extensions of emergency now pass from the EMCPA to the NEW Reopening Ontario Act (or Bill 195) that came into force on July 21, 2020.  In case you didn’t know the significance of this, it gives the provincial government extraordinary powers to keep Ontarians in a state of emergency for one year at a time under section 8.(2) of the Reopening Ontario Act (rather than approving every 28 days under the EMCPA). How can we possibly REOPEN Ontario if we are continually in a state of emergency for one year at a time now?  Was anyone paying attention to this when it was being voted on?  Did your MPP fully disclose these extraordinary powers under this new Bill to you?  At some point the declaration of emergency must end.  The expressed understanding of an emergency is that it is temporary.  These continual extensions of emergency give NO sight in end to the “temporary” emergency.  

What was the Point of all this Information?

To bring you up to speed on what date the provincial governments had real-time Canadian data, that the “predictive” model was outrageously overstated and no longer valid.  Since we know that the majority of those COVID-19 “related” deaths occurred between April-May 2020, almost 6 months later, the government can no longer keep us in a state of emergency based on their original predictive model.  

The real-time Canadian data proves this.  As of November 12, 2020, there have only been 10,768 COVID-19 “related” deaths in Canada, NOT the whopping 326,000 predicted deaths.  And of that total, 3,293 COVID-19 “related” deaths occurred in Ontario of which 84% happened in long-term care homes.

Therefore, the Ontario provincial government can no longer justify the continued state of emergency because they have had data since April/May which confirms that the predictive model for making the original declaration of emergency is NO LONGER VALID.  Their actions, beyond any “good faith” period of the 1st 28 days of lockdown, are now in fact done in “bad faith”. 

World Health Organization (WHO) declare ASYMPTOMATIC people

Did you know that the World Health Organization (WHO) retracted their position on asymptomatic people? They now declare they are NOT contagious! But the damage has already been done. Many people around the world, including Canadians, do not know this information.   

Why the government never talks about our natural immune system, our immune response to COVID-19 is completely irresponsible and reckless. Our bodies (our immune system) are designed to fight off viruses! And finally…why the government never talks about the 99.9% recovery rate is now becoming criminal negligence.

But WAIT! What about ALL of the people who are testing positive?

This is totally irrelevant. Why? Because we have a 99.9% recovery rate. The only people who will die with virus related complications, like the flu, are people with very compromised immune systems. Their immune system is already very weak and another hit to it is too much for the body to take. Thus, they die “with” the virus, not from it. The mass number of people testing positive is ONLY another fear tactic! The provincial and territorial governments are using testing as justification for the continuation of the states of emergencies.

Introducing “All-Cause Mortality” 

All you ever need to be concerned about is the “all-cause mortality” number. This means the total number of deaths, for all causes. This number has not changed as compared from this year to last! Why is this significant? Because if the “all-cause mortality” number has NOT gone up, it means that there are NO new diseases killing anyone. The data does not lie. Here is a video presentation of all-cause mortality by Denis Rancourt, researcher of the Ontario Civil Liberties Association, displaying graphs of this data.

And in consideration of the fact that 7 Canadian experts confirm that there is NO evidence of viral isolation (Health Canada, University of Toronto, Sunnybrook Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital, National Research Council (NRC), Region of Peel (Brampton, ON) and McMaster University.) These facts were brought to light, thanks to the amazing research done by Canadian Christine Massey, who filed 7 Freedom Of Information (FOI) requests. Additionally, 2 world experts also confirm NO evidence of viral isolation – Australia and UK.

The probability of dying with this virus is 0.00028. Compare this to heart disease which is a 1 to 4 ratio. Your odds of dying from heart disease is MUCH greater than dying with this virus.

Fear is being used as the #1 motivator to have people and businesses follow along with all of the unlawful orders the Government and Public Health Officer’s are making. 

The extended state of emergency under the Ontario EMCPA is not justified. It was never justified. The lack of deaths proves that this state of emergency is non-existent.

It is very important to understand the information we have shared with you about how the state of emergency was declared. Because all of the provincial and territorial governments will resume lock-down measures with the “second wave” they are predicting this autumn / winter. They will use the same “state of emergency” justification.  Except this time they will justify it with “cases” and not deaths.

Do you think you can survive another second wave of forced business closures? Again, you need to ask yourself if any of these overwhelming abuses of authority, violations to our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, coupled with the BILLIONS of Canadian tax-payer dollars spent on “COVID-19 measures” – is this really justified with only 10,768 COVID-19 “related” deaths out of a population of early 38,000,000?  This is completely illogical.


Below are the remaining Canadian provinces and territories who also declared a state of emergency. Please take note of the number of deaths, THEN and NOW per province. It will shock you. Also, please read the definitions for “emergency” or the requirements to take such action, and decide for yourself if any emergency existed at all. As we update this document when we can, you can always find out the actual daily total of COVID-19 “related” deaths from the Canadian government by clicking HERE.


We allowed the chaos now it’s up to us to bring order

BEFORE a COVID19 experimental vaccine is mandated that will forever alter our DNA and imprison our spirit/soul take back your power, and allow others to do the same by sharing information.

Thank you.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life


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