Gun thermometer. Hand sanitizers. School children.

Gun type thermometer

A friend was asked to sign a document at the school her child attends, so the school could take her 6 year old’s temperature daily, and sanitize her child’s hands regularly throughout the day.

I suggested the temperature be taken on the wrist NEVER the forehead where the pineal gland resides.

Why the “Forehead Thermometer” can Test Your Wrist?

Researcher says that if you want to measure the body temperature of people entering the room from outside, or when taking temperature measurements outdoors, it is best to measure the parts covered by clothing, such as the wrist or neck, the reading will be more accurate.

The temperature of the wrist itself is relatively stable. During the sober time, the temperature of the wrist changes by about 1°C, which is not too large compared to the exposed forehead.

Forehead thermometer seems not that perfect for measuring temperature, so why do most of public departments use it? More at

6 Hidden Dangers of Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers seem like a wonderful product to have on hand at first glance. However, there are dangers that hide in the seemingly innocuous hand sanitation products available today, and this popular product intended to help make our lives easier, may, in fact, be making our lives worse. Let’s explore a few of the reasons that use of commercial hand sanitizing products should be avoided:,raised%20questions%20about%20its%20safety%20to%20human%20health.

What Is BPA and Why Is It Bad for You?

Everyone needs to take responsibility for their own life, and help family members do the same.

Make your child a natural, non-toxic hand sanitizer

For health reasons, ask if your child/grand child can bring their own hand sanitizer to school.

Please share, and encourage people to research before they CONsent to anything. Thank you.

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