How I Obtained A Conscientious Exemption From Mask-Wearing At School For My Child

To transform chaos requires individuals to withdraw consent to COVID19 measures not demonstrably justified, illustrated by Richard Enos below. The degree to which individuals withdraw consent determines our fate. Each of us must do what we can, there is no silver bullet.

Send evidence of Mask Health Risks to school principals, teachers, school boards, etc.

Yes, there are risks to pushing back however they pale in comparison to escalating consequences. Rocco Galati Tweeted: Mom watching kids’ football game Tasered, arrested for not wearing mask

Compilation of scientific papers and Mask Health Risks.

Ontario: Exemption from mask wearing at school

By Richard Enos
I have studied the principles of natural law, and I am clear that the inherent freedom of choice of every individual is the ultimate foundation of life on Earth. How these principles became the basis for real-world action occurred when I heard that my school board had decided, quite of their own accord, while professing to be ‘following the direction’ of the public health office of a neighboring district, that children in grades 1-3 in their schools would also be required to wear masks in school.

I will give you the whole story of my quest for a conscientious exemption from mask-wearing for my son as I am not entirely sure which of my actions actually turned the result in my favor. I do this to empower everyone with a full understanding of what we are dealing with in terms of school mask mandates and the manner in which school boards are trying to implement them. I am in Ontario, Canada so things might be different in different countries, but I believe that the ultimate application of natural law and our natural freedom of choice can and should be pursued anywhere in the world.

My journey began with an internet search of my school board, a phone number of the communications office which undersigned the announcement of the mandate, and my phone call to that office asking how I would apply for a conscientious exemption. Through voice mail the officer said I should be in touch with the principal, who said I should be in touch with the superintendent, who said I should speak to the trustee, who said I should go back to the superintendent. This is a process that went on for two weeks and ultimately gets us to the first day of school and this letter I sent to all the trustees who, it seemed to me, made up the school board and hence collectively made the ultimate decision that was affecting me.

My Letter to the Trustees

Dear Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board Trustees,

Here it is, Tuesday, September 8th, 2020, the day that DPCDSB schools open, and I have not received the information I need to make an informed decision on whether or not I should send my son to school. He is slated to begin the Grade 1 French Immersion program at St. Pio de Pietrelcina. Read more at

Everyone must choose

COVID19 measures like masking, social distancing, isolation, perpetual fear, etc. are scientifically proven to cause harm to humans.

CONsent to COVID19 measures not demonstrably justified, and proven risks to human health make individuals complicit.

COVID19 is a catalyst for man to mature and right the wrongs. It’s up to adults to safeguard the children from harm, especially when it is SELF inflicted based on ignoring and denying the facts, and fear.

Please inform others because everyone will have to choose LOVE or FEAR, and what the majority chooses rules. Thank you.

Greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of the world 202?

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life

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