Prepare Now For Food Shortages

Poor quality and less inventory of some fruits and vegetables at a local supermarket are a SIGNAL to think and plan ahead for you and your family now.

Some food items that sold out months ago have not been replaced. Some empty shelves read ‘manufacturer out of stock’. Inventory of many food items is greatly reduced.

Give yourself peace of mind

Consider purchasing ‘meal in one’ products, organic, non-gmo if possible.

Container of Unflavoured Organic All In One Shake & Go 720 Grams

Plant seeds now

If you live in a cool/cold climate buy pots to grow food indoors, potting soil, and non-gmo seeds. Plant lettuce and other seeds 2 weeks apart to balance your harvest.

Place seedling pots outdoors on warm sunny days to give them a good start.

At present, Amazon sells seeds on line.

Connect the simulation dots

After the Event 201 pandemic simulation Oct 2019 in New York the COVID19 pLandemic was announced.

Nov 2015, there was a global food crisis simulation held in Washington D.C.

World Wildlife Fund is one of the driving forces behind the rise of NGO influence at the UN and around the world. NGOs have become tools of subversion, destabilization and domination for the New World Order.

Help logic to prevail by asking questions

Ask people how much thought have they given to the fact that COVID19 measures included an enormous quantity of food plowed under, cattle slaughtered and buried, independent farmers bankrupted, and in some places the sale of seeds banned.

Please share this information so others start thinking, and planning ahead too. Thank you.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life


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