Urgent request for public response to UK gov vaccine proposal

Massive public response to the UK government’s COVID19 vaccine proposal needed today. There is a short window time extension.

What follows is Peter Rankis’ educational response, as a guideline to respond, which is vital. All governments need to hear from the people about COVID19 measures and vaccines.

I was unable to attach the PDF from Peter so I copied and pasted his letter below.

Consultation document: changes to Human Medicine Regulations to support the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines


11 September 2020 Email & Post
From Peter Rankis, UK

TO: Government of the United Kingdom
Department of Health and Social Care
Ministerial Correspondence & Public Enquiries Unit
39 Victoria Street, London SW1H OEU
Dear Mr. Hancock:

As human beings we are all sovereign beings, and the confusion being propagated affirms, more than anything, the incapacity of Government and its systems to appropriately address the complexities of being Human in our Time. I suspect we can all agree that the time for a radical shift is overdue, though not along the lines of the egologic-based perspectives being promoted by the small group of privileged domination enthusiasts that, outside of their small clique of psychopaths, are already deemed to be perpetrating crimes against humanity. A ‘day of reckoning’ appears to be forthcoming, yet again, in relation to which, thank you for the opportunity to participate in democratic engagement during this time of lack of clarity and national/global mass-psychosis.

As a UK citizen, it is important to me that a creative and harmonious solution to this disruption is developed as soon as possible. I appreciate the disclosure of the British Government to ascertain the size of the resistance to tyrannical measures, and the actual validity of pharmacological beliefs and assumptions, prior to formulating long-term Policy. This is commendable and consistent with principles of British Constitutional Democracy. It is perplexing that your agencies continue to ignore the scientific facts that are readily available even to the general public, which has categorically ascertained the Covid-19 virus to be less virulent and lethal than the common flu (?)

Referencing the structure of the Consultation document, the degree of rationality of Public Health decisions, can be measured in relation to three (3) basic parameters:
(a) virulence of the collective disease;
(b) safety of the remediation measures proposed, from which degree and assignment of liability is established, and;
(c) the demonstrated effectiveness of the remedial measures proposed, through the evidence that is established through the accepted process of clinical trials.

It is highly plausible to expect that the stated belief that ‘Effective COVID-19 vaccines will be the best way to deal with the pandemic’ may prove to be a panacea that is non-sustainable, or is delusional, on the basis that the germ has not yet been isolated and exhibits at least thirty (30) different forms. My own personal beliefs affirm personal Choice and Natural Immunity to be the central aspects of any appropriate HUMAN solution. Should the remediation measures contemplated not achieve the classification of ‘Safe and Effective’ it is, thereby, reasonable to assume that the remediation measures will be classified as regrettable ‘Crimes against Humanity’.

Regardless, everyone involved and affected does need to ensure that due diligence is a carefully
exercised and applied to preserve the well-being of all members of our Community.

Request for Temporary Authorsation of the Supply of Unlicensed Products

This is not rational and beneficial to the UK, given the confirmed minor nature (a) of THIS peril, and: conformance with (b) ‘Any vaccine must first go through the usual rigorous testing and development process and be shown to meet the expected high standards of safety, quality and efficacy before it can be deployed’. Until such time that the so-called Corona Virus has been isolated and identified, an accurate vaccine formulation is not realistically possible, as remains the case with previous iterations of this germ. Further….

Recognition that a Vaccine is not a Cure, but rather a set of beliefs, cannot be ignored. Epigenomics and Quantum Medicine provide current and relevant medical perspective not reliant upon outdated Napoleonic-era medical assumptions that seem to be driving British Public Health modelling.

Licensing is an essential responsibility and service that the Community bestows, and relies, upon Government to manage with diligence, on its behalf. Is this a set of responsibilities that present Government considers untenable ? If the Government intends to abdicate this essential responsibility, then a Constitutional change will be required to permit this to be duly contemplated. Who then is to assume this responsibility, and the corresponding liability for possible failure ? New Constitutional revisions will be required to precisely explicate the manner in which reparations, if required, will be made. Under the guise of the present circumstances, it would be unwise and unrealistic to expect the general public to assume blanket liability, where the Government is unwilling to do so itself, based on its (supposed) more-complete perspective (?) particularly where mandatory enforcement is seen as a component of the program. There is no evident benefit whatsoever for the human being that is the recipient of the proposed solution !

Regarding parameter (c), testing protocols for all medications have been developed over several generations to ensure that administration of antidotes are completely Safe and Effective. I certainly share the Government’s position that abandoning the wisdom of experience, given the degree of prevailing collective hysteria, would be extremely perilous at this juncture. I trust that you are aware of the resignation of Russia’s top doctor, Dr. Alexander Chuchalin, on these very grounds, surrounding the development and roll-out of Russia’s Sputnik vaccine.

Civil Liability and Immunity

In conscience, impunity should not be granted in the permanent destruction of a single human life. The American experience with this paradigm provides ample evidentiary information to conclude this consideration. From the Constitutional perspective, this is a ‘no-brainer’.

While it may be ‘unfair to ask them to take responsibility for the consequences of the use of that medicine’ is it not far more unfair to seduce a recipient to assume complete responsibility for an unlicensed (not Government vetted) medicine that could detrimentally affect the health and longevity of their organism (?).

Covid 19 is a flu-type microbe, and while this can be serious in itself, the past few months have
amply demonstrated to me that the process iatrogenesis is far more severe than the affliction itself.

A brief evaluation of President Reagan’s similar reaction under pressure reveals profound benefit to the Pharmaceutical Industry at the cost of severe health consequences to the American recipient population. Modulation by Government, thereby, ceases to be possible. The well-documented advisement of Mr. Gates himself, thus far, identifies the anticipated health impacts to be significantly more severe than hitherto experienced on the planet, and; in this relation his public affirmations appear to support his eugenics initiatives of long-standing.

Should it truly ‘be unfair’, as you state, for the Pharmaceutical Interest to take responsibility, don’t ask them to take it on – certainly not on my behest – holding harmless Government responsibility. Does Gov UK no longer have funds, or perspicacity, to engage effective professional negotiators ?

Should ‘the licensing authority (may) consider that the balance of risk and benefit to patients justifies the temporary supply of the relevant vaccine pending the issue of a product licence’ then the Licensing Authority has ‘overstepped’ its OWN authority, and must be held accountable for consequences. No ?

Proposed Expansion to the Workforce Eligible to Administer Vaccinations

Provided the responsible Governmental agencies retain their responsibility for ‘duty of Care’ with all its implicit liabilities, then this issue is moot. If release of Government from ‘duty of care’ is sought under this clause , this cannot be accepted under the present auspices, as this would surely exacerbate the ability to isolate liability related to failure of treatment as well as consequential side effects.

Vaccine Promotion

If a vaccine is scientifically safe and effective, like hydrocloroquine, why should Government be
concerned for its promotion, on behalf of all citizenry ? Vaccines are already being promoted; is the British Government requesting permission to grant permission with impunity to promote Vaccines that are not scientifically confirmed to be Safe and Effective in accord with its own standards ?…akin to cigarette manufacturers ? Pharmaceutical profit motive appears to be the only possible benefit.

I can only assume under the same provisions of law, detractors of a vaccine will likewise be granted free reign to seduce their case, or is Government seeking a ‘one-sided’ slant on this issue to support its conformance to the deluded WHO/Gates agenda ? Government attention should give highest regard to the well-being of the recipient, customer, community-at-large.

Make Short Term Provisions for the Wholesale Dealing of Covid-19 Vaccines

No. Absolutely not based on the characteristics of (a) above. Having had contact with the contagion, I can attest that this is not warranted based on the scientific profile of the germ that already appears to be in recession on the basis of Herd immunity – but you know this already.

Of greater concern is that modifications to the antidote distribution system is contemplated, not in the Short Term as identified, but in anticipation of foreboding new pathogens currently in development/deployment. 750 million British GMO mosquitos have been released in the Florida Quays to serve as a clear example of the current trend of interfering with nature’s prevailing ecosystem management. Is this clause anticipating a contagion of a different order from Covid-19 ?

The constitutional encroachments and egregious repudiation of factual evidence is acknowledged to be far more serious than the profile of the germ itself.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require further input or clarification regarding any aspect of this correspondence. Again, thank you for the opportunity to contribute to beneficial policy for the UK Community, and I continue to trust that all responsible Government decision makers will find the Light necessary to find illuminated solutions that are in the best interest of all citizens that have conferred their faith and trust in the wisdom of the present administrators to act on behalf of their Highest Good.

Sincerely Yours,
Peter Rankis

If you miss the UK gov Sept 18.20 date

If you miss the date and still want to make comments, contact the government at covidvaccineconsultation@dhsc.gov.uk and they will try to accommodate your comment before any changes are made.

Response from PH England

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Silence is CONsent, so please inform people in the UK that action is required soonest possible.

And, send evidence in the following link to your local elected representatives. The letter and evidence can be modified to apply in other countries. https://ourgreaterdestiny.org/2020/09/urgent-present-elected-representatives-the-evidence-cv19/

Thank you.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life

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