Compliance with COVID19 measures threatens individual sovereignty

The law of reaping and sowing

The following is to be taken very seriously, as you will see in the next few Blog posts here.

The essence of freedom is based on individual sovereignty, while the essence of servitude is based on compliance and obedience to false authority. Any claimed authority is illegitimate if it is not voluntary, and therefore administered by force. That means that all government authority is improper unless each and every individual agrees with that governance, and also has the ability to throw it aside, and leave at any time of his choosing. We have never lived under a system that allowed real freedom in this country, and many others.

In order for freedom to exist, it is up to the people at large to ensure that no government has enough power to infringe on the liberty of any individual citizen. Obviously, the people have failed miserably in any effort to secure individual independence, as every aspect of life in the United States is now surveilled, regulated, monitored, and controlled by a government claiming to be sovereign over the individual, and all of this is enforced by brutal and violent means. In order for people to wake up to their own servitude, and care enough to take risk to change, they have to have enough individual incentive to seek that on their own. That is not evident yet, and because people still clamor to be led instead of ruling self, the situation is worsening at every juncture.

The most telling aspect of this phenomenon is the near total compliance by the general population of mandated mask wearing and social distancing. By acquiescing to these orders handed down by the political class, it is apparent that the masses are nothing more than slaves, and are either totally indifferent or ignorant of any reality concerning their own well-being or any natural desire for freedom. When people en masse are willing to take orders from a controlling force called government, then they become the greatest threat to the whole, which means they are the greatest threat to the individual sovereignty of all.

Masks and distancing will lead to vaccination, and once a majority receives any fraudulent Covid vaccination, physical and mental problems will escalate, and sickness will become prevalent. Every aspect of the state’s plan for population control, takeover, and global reset is dependent on compliance by the herd at every stage of tyranny. So long as the crowd continues to submit to these draconian mandates, the plan will be able to be advanced. The biggest push to further this nefarious agenda is coming soon, and continuous compliance by the people will guarantee a state of totalitarian rule.

Any form of separation is a BIG lie

Every human is a unique cell of the One True Creator, the only power to create, referred to by physicists as fundamental electromagnetic energy, and by sages as God, and other Names.

Individuals are born with freewill to choose, and there is only one response to every choice, “And So It Is.”

What the majority chooses rules, as witnessed with COVID19 measures.

The more people who CONsent to COVID19 measures, the bigger the BIG lie gets, and remember, silence is implied CONsent to whatever harm that follows.

Please share. Thank you.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
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