The 2020 US Election Is a War of Life or Death!

This war is not about Joe Biden nor Donald Trump

The following post, which I just found, validates my recent posts about socialism leading to Communism and ultimately to Totalitarianism. Thanks to ‘T’ for the lead.

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Author: DC Coach

Today, America has reached a crossroad in its history. The country must choose between the former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump as the next president. If America elects Biden, Washington will return to the old path of political operations. That means America formally accepts the full control of the Chinese Communist Party, or CCP, and starts the road to the abyss of no return. If America chooses Trump, this country will begin genuinely draining the swamp, reinventing the American spirit and American values, rebuilding American prosperity, and continuing its leadership in the world.

Biden has been under complete control of the CCP. The world-shattering Hunter Biden laptop bombshell revealed a tip of a colossal iceberg of corruption. The hard drive is full of heinous sins and crimes: trading power for money or sex, orgy, drug abuse, children sex exploitation, incest. These evil behaviors repeatedly discarded any regard for human morality. This laptop-from-hell, along with many others, is much more than just the Hunter Biden scandal; it reveals the CCP’s vast world domination plan. As more scandals come out and more politicians and business people are exposed, we will come to understand just how much America and the world are in danger.

In the face of such well-documented evidence, the mainstream media is either covering up the truth or manipulating the facts to help Mr. Biden. This is drastically different from their coverage of the phony Russia Collusion of President Trump’s 2016 campaign. The mainstream media once again proves that they have lost their credibility and have become an accomplice with the Chinese Communist Party. 

The FBI obtained this very same hard drive in December of last year. Yet they chose to ignore the major criminal activities. Instead, they launched a so-called money-laundering investigation. Those who deliberately concealed these incriminating documents have proven themselves to be complicit. Likewise, what about the CIA, NSA, and DOJ? How many of those Washington political bigwigs have come out to decry these criminal activities?

The warriors of the Whistleblower Movement understand the dangers in front of us and are fighting on the front lines. They are waging an unprecedented media war against Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Within a few hours, thousands of Twitter accounts have been blocked. These include GNews, GTV, LuDe, VOG, David, and other influencers of the Whistleblower Movement, as well as the official accounts of the Himalaya farms all over the world.

It makes you wonder whether we are in America, where there is supposed to be freedom of speech, or in China with a roof of censorship over our head.

This is America’s darkest moment. Back in 2017 when Mr. Miles Guo first started the Whistleblower Movement, he warned that the CCP’s BGY and 3F programs had been implemented very successfully. 

The BGY program uses intelligence/information, bribery, and sexpionage to control key figures in critical positions. The 3F program is to weaken, mangle, and ruin America. In a deafening voice, he warned American society that darkness had arrived. If left unattended, America would pay ten, a hundred, or even a thousand times the price of 9/11. This warning from three years ago has become a reality. Today, the CCP virus is rampant in the US, Antifa is destroying American cities, politicians are in cahoots, the mainstream media is ignoring the facts, social media is censoring speeches, Wall Street is selling out American interests, and education is eliminating traditional values. American values and the American spirit are punched with holes. The Chinese Communist Party is heavily influencing the American society, and democracy is crumbling.

The CCPs BGY strategy

At this critical moment, the hard-disk-bombshell struck the whole world like a thunder. With countless irrefutable texts, videos, and photos, the laptop has revealed the corruption of the Biden family, proving the success of the CCP’s BGY strategy on them. Joe Biden and the interest groups associated with him are all tied to the CCP. 

The CCP’s strategy is part of their strategy of unrestricted warfare. With their whole country’s resources, they stop at nothing to trap their targets. They disregard the bounds of Western law or even human morality. 

Money? Easy, they have a huge checkbook. New kidney, heart, or liver? No problem, no need to stay on a waiting list, there are 1.4 billion to choose from. Sex? Name your appetite, even little boys or girls. They seduce and pull their target down at their weakest moment of humanity. Meanwhile, they record everything including videos, text, photos, and correspondence so that there is no way to hide.

After gaining leverage, they demand from their target whatever they want: high technology, military secrets, national intelligence, negotiating terms, etc. Their target essentially becomes their slave. No matter how high their social status is, how much money or power they possess. The CCP holds them in bondage with ropes from hell. That is the BGY strategy, the devil’s tactics. As the Hard Drive bombshell revealed, Joe Biden and his son have been snared by the CCP for a long time.

If anyone gets in their way, killing is never out of question. Xu Ming, Wang Jian, and Ye Jianming, the list goes on. For them, no one is off the limit. It was not an accident that President Trump and many officials came down with the CCP virus in October. 

The Chinese Communist Party has perfected their strategy. Don’t forget, China has a history of over 2,000 years of feudalism, and the CCP’s mastery of political infighting has been developed to the extreme. The CCP has 100 years of experience working underground and knows how to infiltrate and penetrate directly into the enemy’s heart. They have enslaved people for 70 years and learned how to control them. They are capable of everything from propaganda, brainwashing, surveillance, suppression, and imprisonment. It’s only what you cannot imagine, not what they cannot do.

Some people think that the U.S. has a democratic system that separates power, prevents dictatorship, and ensures people’s rights. However, the American forefathers pointed out that America was founded on a democratic system and human virtue. Once the human virtue is lost, the system is in vain no matter how good it is. The CCP is the best at taking advantage of the weakness in human nature and destroying virtues. The Biden family is not the only one that has fallen victim to the CCP’s BGY strategy, many other political bigwigs, business leaders, sports stars, corporate CEOs, media moguls, and leading figures in technology and education are also in the same category. As more hard drive content comes out, it will cause more jaws to drop.

America has indeed become a swamp. No wonder both Mr. Giuliani and President Trump say they knew it was a swamp but they had no idea how deep it actually is.

If CCP succeed

The United States has already paid a heavy price for ignoring the truth about the CCP virus. However, releasing the virus is only one step. What the CCP is scheming to achieve is to conquer America and the entire free world! Because their children, legitimate or illegitimate, and their money are all in the Western world. Only the Wall Street dollar will allow them to keep control and achieve their goal; Only complete domination of the Western world will make them feel safe. 

IF THEY SUCCEED, China’s today will be America’s tomorrow. You will be under total surveillance 24/7 and without any corners. Your speech will be monitored on the Internet. If you dare to tell your colleagues about your concerns about the virus, as Dr. Wenliang Li did, you will likely go to jail or be disappeared. Your company or business must be under the Communist Party’s control, so will be your properties. Your house, your land, and your money could be lost overnight. 

IF THEY SUCCEED, your children will likely be arrested, tortured, raped, and disemboweled, just like the children in Hong Kong and mainland China. They will probably be stolen or abducted, sold like livestock, and never brought back. They will likely be objects of sexual assault or have their organs removed. They will be at risk of having their arms or legs cut off, or even their tongues cut out, to be placed on a street corner every day to beg money for their owners. You won’t even recognize them even if you see them. You would be surprised that in CCP-ruled China, no matter where you are in the city, advanced surveillance technology can always find you within seven minutes, but they are almost never able to find your lost child.

IF THEY SUCCEED, the firewall will be extended from Hong Kong to the United States. You will be brainwashed by propaganda. Your children will be indoctrinated from an early age to become communist successors. They will be told that “No one loves you more than the Communist Party, not even your father or mother.” and “Without the Communist Party, there is no you.” They will not only take possession of your body, your labor, your children, but also your soul.

IF THEY SUCCEED, you will lose everything. You will lose your freedom and dignity, your right to pursue your faith and happiness. All that you cherish today will be lost. And, when they have done this to you, you will still feel happy and give thanks to them.

While you think it is all still far away, the CCP is close to succeeding. Joe Biden, whom the CCP has completely enslaved, is one step away from the presidency. As soon as Biden becomes president, all the evil behaviors and criminal activities of their entire interest group will be covered up, and the media brainwashing will begin. Then the military, the police, the courts, the prosecutors, the health care system, the education system, the corporate businesses, even the professional associations, will all be controlled by these interest groups. All of this will happen before you have time to even think.                                                              

This is the ultimate war     

Through this election, America is engaged in a battle of life or death. This is in no way alarmist. It’s not about politics, Democrat or Republican, left or right, liberal or conservative. Nor is it about Trump or Biden, or even the right of abortion or to own a gun.

It’s a war. The leader of the CCP, Chairman Xi, calls it “the ultimate war.” The war has already begun, whether you take it or not.

It’s a war against the CCP, a war against the devil, a war against hell, a war that America and the world cannot afford to lose.

Of course, one must take down the CCP to win the ultimate victory. But Trump must win this election, and the American people must win this election. It is vital.

The time to make a decision is now, and the decision is in your hands. Please show your wisdom, show your dignity, and cast your sacred vote. Amen. 


Everything hidden is revealed

Everyone who acknowledges the world shift upon us from fear to love, from apathy to responsibility, from separation to unity of purpose, raises their signature energy as well as the collective consciousness, to magnetize greater possibilities, solutions and freedom.

Archbishop Viganò: An Open Letter Warning President Trump As The Election Approaches


Thank you.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life


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