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13 October 2020 NZDT, Rob Herring wrote:

My top 12 tips for how I, personally, maintain my mental wellness:

Optimize your vitamin D levels. Check with your medical professional to see where your levels are at, to determine if you would benefit from D3 supplementation. Most people would. Try to get 15-30 minutes of safe sun exposure at least once a day.

Exercise every day. Even if it’s just a a 20 minute walk – combine this with my previous tip by talking a walk first thing in the morning.

Try to sweat almost every day. This sort of goes with step 2, but I also highly recommend ‘Contrast Therapy where you use saunas and ice baths/plunges if you can handle it to go back and forth from heat to cold, which can have dramatic health boosting effects.

Meditate. If you’re new to sitting silent with yourself to achieve peace and focus on your breathing, then find a guided meditation audio for your headphones and just follow along with the instruction. Even a few minutes of meditation every day can transform your stress levels and your tolerance for what stresses you out in the first place.

Read the right books. Find ‘personal growth’ or ‘spiritual’ books that make you feel good to read them. You are literally forcing your brain to think the right thoughts when you read the right words. This is key to reprogramming your subconscious mind to focus on gratitude and positivity.

Consume medicinal mushrooms or other ‘nootropic’ compounds. A “nootropic” is a substance that improves cognitive function – particularly memory, motivation, creativity and mood. Certain mushrooms like lion’s mane and chaga can really affect our cognitive function and help use stay in a positive mental state, and more stress resilient.

Avoid chemical junk food. Eat organic as much as possible, and minimize carb-heavy processed junk or sugars. These foods overstimulate our dopamine production and receptors and therefore ‘crash’ our feel-good state back down into an addiction, seeking more artificial dopamine stimulation.

Practice breathing exercises, which can be snuck in, even for just a minute or two. There are so many good ones you can find online. I like the 4-7-8 method where you breathe in through your nose for a count of four, hold for seven, and exhale out the mouth for a count of eight. You can also research the “Wim Hof Method” for more advanced breathing strategies.

Sleep as long as your body asks you to. This doesn’t mean stay in bed all day. But our culture has partly demonized the idea of sleeping a lot, when it can be one of your body’s greatest tools for healing. In general I would recommend this as getting to bed earlier, rather than sleeping in later.

Avoid the news as much as possible. Turn the TV off whenever you can. News programs learned long ago that fear-based messaging keeps people watching longer. Since all news is a business, the longer a viewer watches, the more ads they will be exposed to, and the more money the news makes from those advertisers. Positive messages rather keep people glued to the screen. They are literally in the business of selling you fear.

Dance to music you love. Yes, that goes for the men too. Find a song that really gets your amped up and smiling. If dancing around others make you shy, then find your own private space that you can let loose. Feeling the music in your body and knowing that there is not ‘right’ way to dance, will allow you moment of pure joy to release tons of feel good hormones. It sounds silly, and that’s the point! HAVE FUN in this life!

Touch plants, trees, and the ground as often as you can. In other words, be in Nature as often as physically possible. Go barefoot on the Earth. It may seem woo-woo, but there is very real science behind the electrical effects of touching your bare skin on the ground. It’s calling ‘grounding’ or ‘earthing’ and I’ve watched scientific experiments with my own eyes happening in real time which changed participants’ blood structure in under an hour of being grounded. The Earth provides an unlimited supply of free electrons. If it sounds too hippy dippy to you, too bad. It’s real – and I’ll explain further in another article.

*This is not medical advice, just sharing my personal strategies.

I try to do at least half of these every single day. Create your own toolbox of strategies that you can return to. There are tons of others like finding time to laugh with a comedy film, hugging a loved one or pet, journaling, and more that I didn’t list here.

The point is to prioritize your mental health.

Gone are the days of assuming your mental wellness just ‘takes care of itself’. Or that it’s cool to be a tough guy who can ‘handle anything’. Usually that means suppressing emotions and burying our fears and stress until it bubbles up into something much worse.

We now know statistically that the majority of us are prone to mental illness if we are not actively participating in our wellness.

To a healing future,
Rob Herring
Director, The Need To GROW / Earth Conscious Life

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