What’s really behind mass COVID19 testing?

Operation Moonshot: UK government proposed COVID19 mass testing scheme

World leaders follow the same COVID19 script so make note of what’s happening in the UK.

The UK will expand testing from hundreds of thousands of tests each day to 10 million a day by early 2021. The entire UK population is to be tested weekly, in exchange for a digital passport as follows:

Testing for access to certain spaces, features heavily in the documents, with reference to“immunity/virus free passports,”likely to be available through an app. The plans say that testing could be used to“give people assurance that, at least for a limited time, they are unlikely to have the virus and are at low risk of transmitting it to others. https://www.bmj.com/content/bmj/370/bmj.m3558.full.pdf

Mislabeling people as COVID19 infected

It seems they want to test as many people as possible so they can report an exaggerated number of false positive cases that justify COVID19 measures, sustain compliance with COVID19 measures, and frighten people into taking an experimental COVID19 vaccine.  

Dr. Andrew Kaufman plugged the Office for National Statistics ‘estimated’ COVID19 infection rates into a mathematical model, and calculated the number of people actually infected [real cases] vs. the exaggerated number of false positive cases reported to the public.

When you know how low the actual probability is of infection, and keep your immunity strong there is little to fear, and less need to risk taking an experimental COVID19 vaccine.

Summer 2020 false positive cases exaggerated 47 fold = mislabeled as infected
Fall 2020 false positive cases exaggerated 12.5 fold = mislabeled as infected

Exaggerated numbers of cases are being used to justify COVID19 measures NOT demonstrably justified and this needs to be exposed.

08:19 mins: There was one published paper that was later withdrawn where they also tried to estimate the false positive rate, and in that case they estimated at 80%. So, if we plugged 80 into this mathematical model it would be like a 500 fold increase in the number of false positives reported [mislabeled as infected]. Since we don’t know what the number actually is, we’re just using these numbers [National Statistics] and I think these numbers vastly underestimate the real error rate of the test.

Unreliable RT-PCR Test

Not only is the RT-PCR [Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction] test unreliable, a lab can increase the number of false positives simply by controlling the number of cycles used in the test.

“I think if a country said, “You know, we need to end this epidemic,” they could quietly send around a memo saying: “We shouldn’t be having the cut off at 37 [cycles]. If we put it at 32, the number of positive tests drops dramatically. If it’s still not enough, well, you know, 30 or 28 or something like that. So, you can control the sensitivity.” David Crowe https://theinfectiousmyth.com/book/CoronavirusPanic.pdf

Public Health England has no record of SARS-COV 2 isolation to prove it causes COVID19


End the falsehoods

Thanks Judy for the link.

The more people who know the truth, the less COVID19 restrictions will be tolerated. https://toronto.citynews.ca/2020/09/30/city-council-approves-further-restrictions-on-bars-restaurants/

Evidence of medical tyranny is well documented. Now it’s up to each of us to inform others, including elected representatives and other decision makers.

Doing nothing is CONsent.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
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