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Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. We are witnessing madness. Even worse, the perpetrators of this madness continue to stoke the flames. They would have us believe that we face a threat so deadly and dire that our lives can never be the same. They would have us believe that every destructive policy they’ve enacted has not only been necessary but that none of these policies have gone far enough.

They would have us believe to get back some of what they’ve taken we must first give them more of what they want. But is any of it so? I will prove to you that it is not.

Let’s take a closer look at the threat they used to seize unprecedented power, destroy economies around the world, and secure trillions of dollars in bailouts. First, we need to address the number that health officials have been throwing around since the beginning of this so-called crisis.

The potential death toll of COVID19: If the current death toll hasn’t been exaggerated, we have reason to believe otherwise, and if the current death toll doubles COVID19 will kill approximately 1.5 million people around the world. That number sounds very big and the media has done everything within its power to convince you that it represents a significant threat to your life. The average person on the street can be forgiven for thinking that they or somebody they love will drop dead at any minute. 

Let’s examine this monster they’ve created in the public’s mind. Here it is and without any context it looks like a vicious pit bull on a six-foot chain waiting to maul anyone who gets within its reach but it’s not. In fact, cardiovascular disease kills more than 10 times as many people every single year. It truly dwarfs the threat of COVID19.

So, if we aim to keep this dog analogy accurate, we’re going to have to change this guy into something more appropriate like a five pound chihuahua. We’ll let cardiovascular disease assume the role of a scary 50 pound pit bull.  Surely if the COVID19 chihuahua is such a threat then something that’s 10 times more deadly should have killed us all by now right. Well, no. Cardiovascular disease is certainly deadly but it’s nowhere near as deadly as all-cause mortality, which kills nearly 60 million people every year. So, it looks like we’ve got to turn cardiovascular disease into something less scary, a schnauzer perhaps, and to represent the 60 million annual deaths we’ll just have to pretend there’s such a thing as a 200 pound pit bull.

Surely, if this is deadly enough to shut down the world and create mass hysteria then this guy should have justified something unimaginably worse right, but it did not. So how is it that we all managed to live our lives all these years despite this horrible threat? I’ll tell you how because this is nowhere near the biggest, baddest, toughest dog on the block. It’s more like a cuddly Saint Bernard compared to the real beast that we haven’t seen yet.

This monster isn’t twice as big or 10 or 20 or 30 times as big no the biggest dog on the block is 125 times larger. Imagine if you can a 25,000 pound pit bull that represents humanity, it represents the living, breathing, strength of all the human beings that will not die regardless of what the worst of these threats can throw at us.

To really put this in perspective let’s do some simple math on the blackboard. Prior to COVID19 when we all lived normal lives, less than 1% of us died each year. 007 of the earth’s population in 2020 with COVID19 that number hasn’t changed. It’s still less than one percent of us, it’s still .007 of the earth’s population.

The impact of this pandemic on total annual deaths is so small that you have to move into the fourth decimal place to measure it even among the most vulnerable, those above the age of 70. COVID19 would have to kill 4.5 million, three times the projected death toll to reduce their survival rate below 99%.

Does any of this sound like what you were led to believe?

If not, then consider the harsh reality that you, me, we, were intentionally misled.

It is critical to inform others because without consent of the majority of people, globalists and their proxies in government are IMPOTENT! Thank you.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Via ethernet to safeguard life


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