International ALERT from Health Professionals to Governments & World Citizens

Thanks to Judy for this breakthrough message!


If You Are A Medical Professional Please Sign The Letter!!

We invite health professionals ALL AROUND THE WORLD to be strong and courageous and to do their duty of telling the truth, to join us MASSIVELY in the collective : United Health Professionals and to sign this letter by sending 1] first name 2] last name 3] profession 4] country to : INTERNATIONAL ALERT MESSAGE 19

The list of signatories will be updated regularly [posted at several sites]

1- Read the international alert message of more than 1,000 health professionals from different countries in : Europe, Africa, America, Asia and Oceania, addressed to governments & citizens of the whole world :
English :  

French :

Other languages : Upload the PDF file then translate it by using :

2- Share the international alert message massively.

3- Follow the United Health Professionals international collective on : Facebook :

Twitter :


It is up to each of us to save ourselves and the children.

WITHDRAW CONSENT to depopulation, enslavement of man via digital passports, and BEFORE mandated, an experimental COVID vaccine that will make humans patentable, and erase all cause, core, memory and record of the One True Creator in whose image man is made.

Collectively we are the POWER to create a new normal where truth, justice, optimum health, wisdom, accountability, prosperity and coherence prevail.


Inform the youth so they take action to create a future worth living.

Post the International Alert at mainstream media sites and their social networks, send it to your chief of police, doctor, schools, elected representatives, etc. Post it across social networks, everywhere possible and often. Thank you.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Via ethernet to safeguard life

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