Lens on Canada: From ‘Back the Blue’ to ‘SHAME on You’

Later this evening after the ‘boys in blue’ [Ontario police] arrested Adam Skelly owner of Adamson Barbecue in Ontario, Canada, the windows were boarded up and metal fencing was erected around the property. https://www.facebook.com/jane.dauncey1/videos/10226065064515769/

Two men now face criminal charges and the city has completely seized a building following a raucous three day-long dispute between police and city officials, and a restauranteur who brazenly declared that he would open up to serve customers despite lockdown orders in effect to contain a deadly pandemic. https://www.cp24.com/news/etobicoke-restaurant-owner-facing-new-charges-for-again-defying-covid-19-lockdown-rules-1.5205287

If only the majority of people would wake up to fact based evidence.

COVID19 the catalyst

COVID19 measures are pulling back the curtain for everyone to see how far reaching evil is across this planet and choose truth and freedom, or allow fear to steal their body, mind, soul/spirit power, freedom, and future.

Adam Skelly’s arrest is a SIGNAL for everyone to take a stand for truth and freedom, to expose the bio-psychological terror being perpetrated on our species, identify the root cause and bring it to correction while we still can, otherwise silence is agreement to living in a police state. More about the root cause another time.

Please sign the petition to free Adam Skelly and ask others to do the same. https://www.rebelnews.com/free_adam_skelly

Please share evidence that COVID19 measures are not demonstrably justified, and legal action taken to prove it. Thank you.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Via ethernet to safeguard life


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