What Consciously Awake Looks Like, And Not

Mom’s Provide Space

Lawful Public Freedom Rally London, Ontario Kimberly Neurdof


Hamilton lockdown protest organizer CHARGED vows to return: “Come and fine me again.”

Anthony Gagliardi, organizer of the Hugs Over Masks protests in Hamilton, Ontario was issued a summons by police for arranging the protest in contradiction to the Reopening Ontario Act.

COVID19 restrictions continue to expand and tighten

Are COVID19 measures still in place because people are too busy to look deeper, too afraid to face the truth, too mind controlled by mainstream media, too unaware of their lawful rights?

Military to administer vaccine in Canada

COVID19 Checkpoints New York


What are we doing to ourselves and others?

People who fear SARS-COV 2 that has never been isolated to prove it causes an infectious disease called COVID19, are blinded by lies that have locked people in, locked people up, and locked others down.

Some children’s bodies are screaming for relief!

I saw a picture of a young child’s swollen hands, covered in red hot inflamed skin from continued use of school hand sanitizers. Another child’s face was half covered in a rash from face masks. What are masks doing to their organs and brains, and what is required to stop all this harm from COVID19 measures not demonstrably justified?

If people are afraid now how much more frightening is the thought of military enforcing an experimental vaccine, or dragging people who resist the vaccine from their homes to internment camps because they are considered a health risk?

Think about it, and pass this along please, for others to contemplate. Thank you.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Via ethernet to safeguard life


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