You think chemtrails R-4 the birds? Watch this.

Thanks to Sandra for the animation.

Known as the First Lady of Canadian Animation, Evelyn Lambart (1914-1999) was hearing-impaired from a young age, something she later credited with focusing her attention on the visual world.

An old movie featured Evelyn Lambart’s ‘Paradise Lost’ about geo-engineering, where planes discharge chemicals 24/7 that threaten man, nature, and systems upon which all life depends i.e. water, crops, air, and sun light vital to many life forms; to this day some 50-60 years later.

Paradise Lost : Air pollution caused by human inventions threaten birds, butterflies and other woodland creatures

A wordless plea for the right of all living creatures to a clean, unpolluted environment.

In a natural outdoor setting, a bird and some butterflies are happily interacting with each other. They spot something they don’t recognize flying in the air in the distance, emitting something dark gray into the air. That unknown thing is an airplane. All the creatures know is that they are scared of the dark gray material coming toward them. What they may or may not realize is that that dark gray material may not only alter their happy lives as they know it, including their natural habitat, but their lives in their entirety.Huggo


Here is a CLUE

Globalist proxies in government behind geo-engineering are also behind COVID19 measures not demonstrably justified; elected by individuals who consent to give politicians their proxy [power] to make decisions in their absence that become the new norm.

New norm – Toronto, Ontario

Adam needs community support; where we go one we go all especially now

Phone the police department about the arrest of Adam and request his release. Adam is a true patriot and is defending ‘our’ rights and freedoms, which the police are duty bound to do per Section 1.2 Police Services Act

This is a direct number for their corporate office who deal with the media.
(416) 808-7090.  

Qui tacet consentire videtur. He who is silent appears to consent. Jenk. Cent. 32.

In other words, unless the majority of people stand up and say ‘no’ to COVID19 measures, they said yes to transhumanism and the great reset. 

Please share so others begin to connect the dots. Thank you.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Via ethernet to safeguard life

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