33 Experts : This Is Not A Real Medical Pandemic

In case you missed their message and before they are disappeared

1. Dr. Andrew Kaufman : “not a real medical pandemic” “no need for any vaccine”
2. Dr. Hilde De Smet : “no global medical pandemic” “we humans will be the guinea pigs” (for the vaccine)
3. Dr. Nils R Fosse : “vaccine not proven safe” “this is not a real medical pandemic”
4. Dr. Elizabeth Evans : “covid vaccines not safe or effective”
5. Dr. Mohammad Adil : “devastating effect of the lockdowns imposed upon the public”
6. Dr. Vernon Coleman : “a pandemic that never was, and a vaccine that was never needed” “the greatest hoax in history”
7. Prof. Dolores Cahill : “coronavirus not as severe as we were told” “measures were not necessary, vaccine is then also not necessary” [vaccine unsafe]
8. Dr. R Zac Cox : “the pandemic is fundamentally over” [vaccines unsafe] “experimenting on us” “against the Nuremberg code”
9. Dr. Anna Forbes : “there has been an overestimation of the public health risk” “inappropriate use of the PCR test”
10. Dr. Ralf ER Sundberg : “the PCR test is inaccurate, causes so many false positives” “I don’t trust this vaccine”
11. Dr. Johan Denis : “corona vaccine not proven safe or effective” “there is no medical emergency” “it is a fake pandemic” [RNA vaccine unsafe]
12. Dr. Daniel Cullum : “this is not a real medical pandemic” “there is no safe vaccine, period”
13. Moritz von der Borch (medical journalist) : “this vaccine is dangerous” “this pandemic is a fraud”
14. Dr. Anne Fierlafijn : [vaccine unsafe] “this really not a medical pandemic” “number of cases falsely presented” “false pretext of a virus”
15. Dr. Tom Cowan : “health does not come from the injection of toxins”
16. Dr. Kevin P Corbett : “covid is not a real medical epidemic” [vaccines unsafe] “the real epidemic is fear and hysteria” “PCR test fatally flawed”
17. Dr. Carrie Madej : “there is no worldwide pandemic” PCR test “never been indicated/created to diagnose any infection” “false positives” “I will not take the covid19 vaccine”
18. Dr. Barre Lando : “I would highly caution anyone considering taking the covid19 vaccine”
19. Kate Shemirani (nurse) : [no evidence of a pandemic] “never been proven” [government should be arrested for genocide]
20. Sande Lunoe (pharmacist) : “vaccines carry the risk, make the disease worse”
21. Boris Dragin (licensed acupuncturist) : “not a real pandemic” “an assault on our human rights” “experimental vaccine from a criminal manufacturer”
22. Dr. Piotr Rubas : “mortality rate similar to seasonal flu”
23. Dr. Natalia Prego Cancelo : “this is not a real medical pandemic”
24. Dr. Rashid Buttar : “stand up and do what’s right regardless of what’s going on around you”
25. Dr. Nour De San : “the plan to vaccinate every person on earth”, vaccine unsafe
26. Dr. Kelly Brogan : “vaccination has relied upon corrupt science” “the truth is available for all to see”, vaccine unsafe, “this is not a real medical pandemic”
27. Prof. Konstantin Pavlidis : “not a real medical pandemic” “vaccine is not safe or effective” “no covid tests are truly accurate”
28. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny : [vaccine unsafe, based on animal studies]
29. Senta Depuydt (journalist) : [vaccines unsafe, no reports or debates] “blind faith in a dangerous experiment”
30. Dr. Heiko Santelmann : “this is not a real medical pandemic” [vaccine not safe or effective]
31. Dr. Margareta Griesz-Brisson : medical measures cannot be forced on anyone
32. Dr. Mikael Nordfors : “there is no pandemic” “the vaccine is neither safe nor effective” “madness, must stop it now” “never be a vaccine as safe as Vitamin D”
33. Dr. Elke F. dr Klerk : “vaccine could be sterilizing women” “can cause a cytokine storm, very dangerous” “could change your DNA forever”


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