Cultured Meat Grown From Human Cells

According to the World Economic Dysfunctional Forum, post 2030 or is it 2025 now, only laboratory created everything including humans will be the norm.


  1. The fake meat industry poses tremendous risks to global health as ultraprocessed foods have been robustly linked to obesity, ill health and early death. It also threatens global food security through the patenting of food
  2. Imitation meats are ultra processed foods as they’re manufactured from start to finish and typically involve the use of man-made ingredients
  3. Once living animals are eliminated and replaced with patented plant-derived and cell-based lab-grown alternatives, private companies will effectively control the food supply in its entirety, and they will be the ones profiting from it rather than farmers
  4. Meat grown from human cells harvested from the inside of your cheek, which are then grown in a broth made from blood extracted from unborn calf fetuses or expired human blood, may eventually become available
  5. Start-ups are working on or have already launched meatless soy-based burgers and lab-grown steaks, shrimp, pork and chicken

    Fake Meat Is a Catastrophe for Your Metabolic Health

In a move reminiscent of something straight out of the dystopian film “Soylent Green,” scientists are working on meat grown from human cells harvested from the inside of your cheek.

“A new ‘DIY meal kit’ that can be used to grow steaks that are made mostly from human cells was just recently nominated by the London-based Design Museum as the ‘design of the year.’

Called ‘Ouroboros Steak,’ this is named right after the circular symbol of a snake known for eating itself tail-first. This hypothetical kit would later on come with everything that one person would need in order to use their own cells to grow miniature human meat steaks …”

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