The P0!soned N33dle

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Eleanor McBean The Poisoned Needle

Written in 1957, herein are the opinions of many great scientists and doctors. Many spent a life-time of research—of trial and error before making their statements. The reader has the privilege to accept or to reject the statements after due deliberation. Thus we feel this volume should not be considered a dangerous book for the layman but a thought-provoking treatise. The Publisher.


See chart at the bottom of page 39 and top of page 40 = Concrete proof that vaccination or re-vaccination does not protect against itself, or against smallpox and has no constructive quality to recommend it.

COVID re-vaccination

Each person has to receive two injections, three or four weeks apart.

Since SARS-COV2 is not a target for a vaccine there will likely be a roll out of COVID re-vaccinations year after year toward transhumanism, involuntary sterilization, and depopulation.

Do Not Take The COVID Vaccine

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