Fauci Covid-19 Dossier: Felonies [Very important]

Crimes against humanity – documented

Dr. David Martin’s 22 years of research is now documented and released under a creative commons license. He asks everyone to take and use the information for the betterment of all, and report back with your results.

Download the Dossier free at https://sendfox.com/lp/1rl8j9

“Nature has never conspired against us, criminals do, and it’s time that we hold the criminals accountable.” David Martin

In the bitchute video, Dr. Martin highlights some of the Fauci Covid-19 Dossier contents. The Dossier makes it possible to keep track of all the laws being violated by criminal coviteers running this pLandemic. Dr. Martin emphasizes that crimes, unlike civil complaints, have to be prosecuted by law enforcement otherwise they go unpunished. The information is now contained in his 205 page Dossier.

It’s up to individuals to get the fire burning in front of people who have the ability to do something. https://www.bitchute.com/video/gNs9zOj6CcyB/

Thanks to http://thecontrail.com

A stunning discussion between David E Martin and Brian Rose on LondonREAL, where they examine in minute details the entire Moderna/Fauci et al fraud.

In another post we will see how the courts are becoming more lenient regarding draconian measures enforced by coviteers. Court orders are precedent setting and a motivator for other judges as we move forward.

Leverage the Dossier. Share it widely with others and ask them to send it to governments, businesses, medical colleges, police, etc. Thank you.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Via ethernet to safeguard life


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