If You Knew What’s At Stake, Would You Keep Doing What You’re Doing?

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For those who are interested in awakening to the ultimate truth, you must know to take the steps necessary to self-educate and self-illuminate. No one can do it for you. There are many amongst us who can lead us to the gate yet it is up to us to open the gate and step through it.

For the new energy to advance take the steps to bring it forth and anchor it as a reality.

We don’t know what we don’t know until it’s time to know that which we were basing our opinions on was the result of not having all the information available to us.

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Deny access to the harvesting of your energy

Most of what follows is from Sandy Glaze’s video ‘We Are The Harvest’ not word for word.

The creative abilities man has are what make us superior as beings. We have an ability to use our emotions and create energy. We can create, AI doesn’t have that yet.

Dark energies are sent to us in many ways, through astral implants, satanic, luciferian cult implants, government devices, weapons, cords, triggers, electronically controlled devices.

When people go to a movie theater they get terrified because they know they’re not at risk. They get the thrill of watching the movie, and what dark energies do is come in afterwards and sit in those chairs and eat the energy, eat the fear.

The biggest psyop is the tell-lie vision or tell- a- vision because whoever is creating the reality in front of you, if they have a higher awareness, they create the reality.

If they think they’re smarter than you, they’re in charge. If you know your higher awareness is kicked in, and you know how this works, you can put a wall up and not buy in. Say with conviction, “NO THANKS. I’M NOT BUYING IT. I DO NOT CONSENT” and stay centered so nothing can enter your aura.

When in heightened states of fear our aura can shatter or break and darkness can enter. That’s when they start harvesting people energetically.

Return to sender – modems

While doing any kind of online clearing Sandy puts protection around her computer and puts mirrors on the inside of the protection. Knowing that wi-fi is in the etheric level [4th dimension] and fiber optic cables are not, Sandy suggests energetically to go through your hydro.

Take your consciousness, if you’re skilled at doing this, and go through all the energy lines in your house, get back to your modem, go back and push all the dark energy back, push it into the modem, push it in the fiber optic cables, push it back to the wall of your house, and push it to your property line.

Regardless of where dark energy was sent to you from send it back. Say 3 times “I RETURN TO SOURCE WITH LOVE ALL THAT IS NOT MINE, and then smear your energy lines so it cannot come back and find you.

Post inauguration – dispel the illusions

Sandy talks about major changes we need to pay attention to now, our responsibilities through intense change, where we’re going, and how to hold our own.

End the harvest

Einstein’s ‘you cannot solve problems at the same level of thinking that created them’
+ Tesla’s ‘everything is energy, frequency, and vibration’
= Coherence in the Garden and Freedom.

To END THE HARVEST nourish your heart, soul, spirit with moral righteousness, unity, and coherence, instead of nourishing the predator class that thrives on fear, separation, ego, and negative human emotions a.k.a. loosh.

Visit Sandy’s channel for ways to end the harvest https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZKIyVqb9VP7tylWcYAxLCA/videos

Create the future

Now is a rare opportunity to reject in the etheric level because we have to vibrate at their level or higher to manifest our reality. So clear back on the 4th dimension where the radio broadcast technologies are, send it back, and then go into love, compassion, joy, and happiness to manifest and bring in the vision you want for the future.

Imagine you’ve got a tv screen in front of your eyes. Imagine, sense, feel what it is you want to create. Do you want to see everyone fed, clothed and sheltered? Do you want to see the planet cleaned up? Do you want to see more love, joy and cooperation? Do you want to travel in no time with your consciousness? Who knows what we can even imagine when we don’t know what’s even possible? This or something even better.

Stay centered, stay in love, want the best for everybody, and energetically send the best to everybody.

Please share this rare opportunity to end the harvest, step up into our higher divine nature, and stay centered to assist with transition. Thank you.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Via ethernet to safeguard life


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