Lieutenant Governor Imposes Defacto Full Day CURFEW Through Stay At Home Effective Jan 14.21

Police will be ’empowered’ to ask people if they have a reason to be outside

Defacto means illegal.

The spirit/soul of every man, woman, child, as Heirs of the One True Creator, has a sacred Contract with the One True Creator to be here in form that no one can alter or interfere with.

The only power police have is consent of the governed.

The only power government has is consent of the governed.


Proof, covid numbers are false.
Proof, world governments empowered by ‘voters’ are completely immoral and perverse, as well as mainstream media.

Canadian Bill of Rights

Part 1
It is hereby recognized and declared that in Canada there have existed and shall continue to exist without discrimination by reason of race, national origin, colour, religion or sex, the following human rights and fundamental freedoms, namely,

(a) right of the individual to life, liberty, security of the person and enjoyment of property, and the right not to be deprived thereof except by due process of law;

The justice system due process

The Canadian justice system guarantees everyone due process under the law. Our judicial system is founded on the presumption of innocence in criminal matters, meaning everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

Canada’s legal system is based on a heritage that includes the rule of law, freedom under the law, democratic principles and due process. Due process is the principle that the government must respect all of legal rights a person is entitled to under the law. htps://

Courage is a defining moment that is now

Kelly Ann Wolfe, after receiving a summons in front of the Hamilton police station Jan 11.21 for publicly informing police of their oath, and duty to safeguard the fundament rights and freedom of the people, showed up at police station #52 in Toronto Jan 12.21, to deliver the same message. BRAVO Kelly Ann!

Communist Canada police state

Silence is agreement, so please take a stand for justice and freedom and please share. Thank you.


This information is not intended to provide legal or lawful advice. Views expressed here are for educational purposes only.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Via ethernet to safeguard life


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