You cannot catch a disease – you alone build it

Late 1850s, Louis Pasteur’s germ theory of disease was established by the predator class to open the door for big pharma and vaccines, and coerce individuals to become dependent on them for health and wellness.

If you care to get healthy and stay healthy watch the video or read the text below. The narrator is trauma surgeon Dr. Lorraine Day Excerpts are not word for word.

Picture this. Where you live, the garbage collectors went on strike. No garbage pickup for 3 weeks. What happens? Your garbage starts attracting mice, rats, flies, other vermin and insects that feed on rotten garbage. Rotting garbage attracts vermin to clean it up. If we didn’t have those kinds of animals and vultures the world would be overrun with carcasses of dead animals and garbage.

Does the dead animal on the road attract a vulture, or does the vulture attract a dead animal? Obviously, the dead animal attracted the vulture; the cleanup crew. These vermin are very important to clean up dead and dying tissue. They clean up the earth, and the One True Creator, God, Source, gave us a clean up system in our body as well; they are bacteria and exosomes [mistaken as viruses].

Bacteria and exosomes do not cause disease. The evidence dates back to Louis Pasteur who developed the pasteurization of milk, and Antoine Bechamps who proved it is not the microbes it’s the terrain, your inner landscape that requires treatment.

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You damage your immune system by the way you live, think, act, eat, breathe, and handle stress, which create dead and dying tissue. We are covered with bacteria all the time. They’re all over our skin, in our nose, in our mouth, in our gastrointestinal tract, and NEVER BOTHER US until we damage our immune system through lack of sleep, eating too much sugar, eating processed foods, toxic beverages, anger, fear, trauma, etc. that trigger our flight or flight reaction that pours cortisol into our body and suppresses our immune system.

We do not ‘catch’ diseases we build them

We GIVE ourselves disease. It’s the bacteria and exosomes [misnamed viruses] that come in to clean up the mess. They are the clean up crew the same way rats, other vermin and vultures clean up dead tissue. We have dead and dying tissue in our body when we don’t treat our body properly. It is us who causes disease. When the clean up crew cleans up toxins and pours them into the bloodstream, the toxins can give us a headache, we feel sick or give us a stomach ache. It’s the toxins that the bacteria and exosomes are cleaning up.

Germs do not cause disease any more than flies cause garbage. Flies do not cause garbage. Garbage attracts flies.

It’s the dead and dying tissue in our body from self abuse; lack of proper sleep, poor diet, lack of exercise, eating, drinking, breathing, wearing toxins that damage our body and that cause the cleanup crew to come in to clean it up.

When we are prescribed drugs like antibiotics and other drugs they stop the clean-up process. Antibiotics wipe out the good bacteria in our colon, which is 33% of our immune system.

When they talk about autoimmune disease, “Oh, your immune system gets too strong and that’s why you get rheumatoid arthritis and other ailments.” That is false. You can’t have an immune system that’s too strong or be too healthy. It’s suppression of your immune system by the way you’re eating, living, thinking, and handling stress that is the problem.

To get well from stage 4 cancer I changed everything because of my work and abusing my body. I never drank, I didn’t do drugs but I was operating night and day sometimes 72 hours straight. I drank a lot of coffee to do that because as a trauma surgeon, when you’ve got patients lined up outside your operating room who may die if you don’t operate or be maimed for life, you can’t say I’m tired of going home. You stay there and do it.

Doctors work at the opposite end of every disease, and it’s the same with this. It’s good to wash your hands with soap yes, however you don’t need all the other things. [toxic hand sanitizers] What you need to do is strengthen and support your immune system to get healthy and stay healthy.

People eat fast foods, lots of sugar, energy drinks, lot of coffee, soda, alcohol. They get angry, lack forgiveness, lack enough sunlight, lack proper sleep, lack enough drinking water, etc.

Get your body healthy and stay healthy

Germs don’t cause disease. It’s your sick body for which you are responsible that can put you in a vulnerable position causing bacteria and exosomes [misnamed viruses ] to move in, clean up the mess, and leave you feeling sick in the process.

10 Unexpected Ways You Can Experience a Fight-Flight-Freeze-Fawn Response,of%20your%20nervous%20system%2C%20but%20it’s…%20More%20

Exosome theory vs virus theory

Let’s look at the situation for this corona virus and compare what is happening to these two theories.

It’s only the flu. Nothing new. If only more knew.

Please share evidence of this colossal fraud, and ways for people to get well and stay well. Thank you.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Via ethernet to safeguard life


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