Death of Germ Theory – Birth of Game Changer

As in the days of Noah, so in the days of man, except this time man is awake!

In the days of Noah circa 1656 AM [Anno Mundi, Year of the World], it is alleged the function of man’s DNA was altered by dark forces. In response, the Creator of All That Is sent a flood to destroy the perpetrators.

Here it is 2021, with covid-19 m-RNA gene therapy, not a vaccine, that alters the function of man’s DNA, only this time our inner net, far superior to internet is ‘on’ for us to see the fraud, mind control, and attempts to destroy the spirit/soul of man.

Imagine the body of an octopus represents globalists

Globalist minions, like the tentacles of an octopus, extend far and wide to control every facet of their imperialistic agenda.

Survival of man requires a strike at the heart of the body of the octopus, by unmasking fraud so colossal that the truth awakens in man the will to align on purpose, the courage to transform harm into harmless, and the power to create a new era of coherence, justice, and freedom.

Thanks Cindy for the video.

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Death of germ theory, Birth of higher consciousness

19th Century Louis Pasteur was a plagiarist, fraud, and puppet of globalists, all of which is well documented.

The Rockefellers knew the germ theory could be an infinite source of revenue if they could convince the population of it. Substantial resources of the Rockefeller philanthropies were put behind scientific medical education based on germ theory, opening doors to drugs and vaccines. With full consent of the AMA, American medicine became synonymous with the germ theory of disease.

Germ theory established a perpetual enslavement paradigm that paved the way for the biggest psychological operation ever via SARSCOV 2, which is also the biggest opportunity ever, to know the power and wisdom within to heal naturally, and create the kind of future we want to arise from present chaos.

The symbiotic relationship between microorganisms and man

Please watch and listen to better know thyself, and share for people to replace limiting beliefs with new awareness, self empowerment, greater well being, and true freedom.


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The power that heals a cut finger is the same power that heals cancer, when you open your mind and heart to the truth, and align with your original blueprint as Heir of the One True Creator. Thank you.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
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