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From Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

2020 was the Year of the Pandemic, or the Plan-demic, as it has been called. With so many elements in the news every day, the details can be hard to follow. When complete, the COVID19 course will have 8 modules, covering the following core concepts: 

  1. The Myth of the Masks
  2. Laws and Liabilities 
  3. Social Distancing and Contact Tracing
  4. The Fraud of PCR Testing and “Cases” 
  5. The Looming Vaccine Disasters
  6. Therapeutics: Natural and Pharmaceutical
  7. The Virus – What’s Real; What’s Not
  8. Fighting Powers and Principalities

In this series of modules, we boiled down and consolidated the key points. You will have the information you need for yourself, and to share with others,  right at your fingertips. 

Each course video is approximately 60 minutes long. You can stop and resume at your convenience. All VaccineU courses come with our signature DocBox, a collection of 5 to 15+ PDF files from the medical literature or pertinent websites to confirm the accuracy of all information in the course and on the video. You are free to print and share these files; in fact, recommend setting up a 3-ring binder for all the materials you will find in each course. However, you must log into the VaccineU course portal to watch the videos which cannot be downloaded. 

Each module is self-contained and can be reviewed/studied in any order. Once purchased, you have life-time access to viewing the module through the portal and the materials in the DocBox. 


The COVID modules will be available at NO COST.

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This information is designed specifically for you – as a parent, a physician, a healthcare worker, a community leader and a political activist.

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