Peel guidelines to place children in solitary quarantine ‘cruel punishment’

Drastic measure not supported by science and could have long-lasting psychological effects

Update Mar 01.21 Peel now says they made a mistake.

Peel Health has issued guidelines to parents instructing them to keep any children who have been sent home because a classmate has tested positive for COVID-19 isolated in a separate room from all other family members for 14 days.

The severe guidelines, which apply even to small children who are dismissed from child care, are being criticized by experts as harmful and not supported by science.

What to do if your child is dismissed from school or child care

If anyone at home develops symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19,
everybody in the home must STAY HOME and should GET TESTED.
Do not go to school or work to avoid the risk of spreading COVID-19.


Speak up for the sake of the children

And, think long and hard before voting for more of the same.

When we show up on election day, knowing full well the candidates do not represent our ambitions for our nation, we tacitly express our willingness to be governed in this manner. We contribute to the perception that our rulers have our permission to carry on, and by doing such we acquiesce ever further to their dominion over us.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Via ethernet to safeguard life


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