C-19 Injection and Soul Ejection

Your spirit/soul animates you

Your ‘unique’ spirit/soul is a cell of the One True Creator referred to by physicists as fundamental electromagnetic quantum energy, and by sages as God, permeating, penetrating, filling all creation.

Planet wide abomination is an attempt at sterilization and world domination, to erase ‘all’ cause, core, memory and record of the One True Creator. After 2030 there will be no natural births accoridng to the World Economc Forum.

The m-RNA injection is not a vaccine, it is gene therapy hacking the software of life i.e. man’s original DNA and is irreversible. https://ourgreaterdestiny.org/2021/04/how-to-make-gmo-people-and-patent-them/

Intentionally erect a firewall to safeguard you

The ancient message hidden in our DNA decoded by Gregg Braden ‘God Eternal Within the Body’ is a CLUE, to start creating your life intentionally instead of living by default where life happens to you. Choose wisely. https://ourgreaterdestiny.org/2021/04/ancient-text-reveals-message-hidden-in-human-dna/message

When you set an intention mean it, feel it deeply in your heart. You can write it, draw it, think it, say it, dance it, ground it, to amplify enough energy for it to materialize.

In your own words, create a firewall to safeguard your physical, mental, emotional, spirit/soul body from covid testing, m-RNA injections, and gene therapy deceptively placed in food, water, or other disguise [chemtrails?].

What happens to our spirit/soul after the jab

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Frontline Workers, Testimonies & VAERs Reports 21.3.2021

Thanks to Zol.

VAERS = Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, withheld from the public by media, government, and medical establishments unworthy of public trust.



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Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Via ethernet to safeguard life

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