Klaus Schwab Declares Unvaccinated People To Be A Threat To Humanity

24 World Leaders Announce International Pandemic Treaty to Implement Great Reset Agenda

A host of global leaders issued a call for a global pandemic treaty, purportedly in order to prevent future pandemics, distribute vaccinations, and implement a unilateral approach to global governance.

As explained by journalist James Corbett in his October 16, 2020, Corbett Report above,1 the Great Reset is a new “social contract” that ties every person to it through an electronic ID linked to your bank account and health records, and a social credit ID that will end up dictating every facet of your life.

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the head of the World Health Organisation (WHO), as well as 20 other world leaders, joined forces in penning a joint letter with the apparent intent of winning popular support for the globalist plan.

Calling COVID-19 the “biggest challenge to the global community since the 1940s,” the 24 leaders predicted that there “will be other pandemics and other major health emergencies.” https://humansarefree.com/2021/04/world-leaders-pandemic-great-reset-agenda.html

Now you know the real purpose of internment camps.

Other pandemics being engineered now


The whole world is witnessing a pre-planned and highly organized criminal cover-up of the deaths and injuries and illnesses and diseases and miscarriages directly caused by the various toxic types of COVID-19 injections.

Despite overwhelming evidence of the lethality of so-called COVID-19 vaccines, nations everywhere proceed to kill and/or injure their citizens, and then cover up these medical events known euphemistically as iatrogenic death and illness.

What type of utterly satanic entity is running this extremely nefarious OPERATION COVID JAB that literally murders people at will, and then employs the mainstream media to systematically cover up the global genocide?! WOW ! ! !

OPERATION COVID JAB is now in full swing.

And there appears to be nothing that can stop this slow-motion genocide scheme that’s rolling across the planet like an out-of-control juggernaut.

Therefore, the best that people everywhere can do is to protect themselves and loved ones from the rapidly burgeoning and extremely perilous Super Vaccination Agenda à la COVID-19. http://stateofthenation.co/?p=58797

Former Chief Science Officer at Pfizer Says He Fears “Massive Depopulation” Through Mass ‘Vaccinations’

Dr. Michael Yeadon said in an interview and he is not alone:

“…you’re suspected as a source of infection until proven otherwise. You shouldn’t need to be proving you’re not a health risk to others. Those without symptoms are never a health threat to others. And in any case, once those who are concerned about the virus are vaccinated, there is just no argument for anyone else needing to be vaccinated.” https://coronanews123.wordpress.com/2021/04/04/former-chief-science-officer-at-pfizer-says-he-now-fears-massive-depopulation-may-be-underway/

The Pope is in on it

Thanks to PB at http://thecontrail.com

Message of His Holiness Pope Francis to Prof. Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum Davos-Klosters (Switzerland), January 22-25, 2014.

… I hope that you may see in these brief words a sign of my pastoral concern and a constructive contribution to help your activities to be ever more noble and fruitful. I renew my best wishes for a successful meeting, as I invoke divine blessings on you and the participants of the Forum, as well as on your families and all your work. From the Vatican, 17 January 2014 FRANCISCUS PP https://holyseemission.org/contents/press_releases/55e34d372bbb38.44896435.php

Human DNA is a biological internet

The mark of the beast is likely DNA, unique to every individual. The great reset changes everything. Humans will be remote controlled, mined for data, and other nefarious purposes. 24/7 surveillance living in e-prison s.m.a.r.t. cities.

On a higher level, the etheric plane

Thanks to Miville for words of caution:

An energy healer worked with someone who received the covid-19 injection. The antahkarana still connected the soul and physical form however communication was interrupted. The soul is no longer able to manage the physical, mental, emotional bodies to continue its process of incarnation and evolution, precisely because communication has been interrupted.

This aligns with what Rudolph Steiner said over 100 years ago.

“In the future, we will eliminate the soul with medicine.
” Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925).

The chakras that connect us to the soul are the Heart Chakra and especially the one just above our head called the Coronal Chakra.

Ask yourself why this virus is called ‘corona virus’. What’s its real function? Fear disconnects you from yourself but the vaccine … even more since the disconnect is final.

Understand that if you choose to use this gene therapy (which changes the genes) there will be no turning back. Neither classical (allopathic) medicine nor quantum energetic medicine will be able to do anything for you. END

Safeguard your spirit/soul erect a firewall

Ask the One True Creator to protect your body, mind, spirit/soul and keep you whole. Set an intention to erect a firewall around your entire auric field. The call compels a response. Feel deep love for your spirit/soul and summon the courage to do what it takes to stay connected.

I asked for details about m-RNA and the soul, to share in another Blog.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Via ethernet to safeguard life


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