List of Canadian Freedom Networks: Learn, Join, Bolster

Updated May 09, 2021
Newest addition [s]*

Transform chaos into coherence and harm into harmlessness

Canada was taken over by enemies both foreign and domestic long ago.

NOTE: The plandemic is being morphed into an endemic to reduce the population, remote mind control survivors, and generate enormous profit from injections.

Canadian Bill of Rights

Part 1 Recognition and declaration of rights and freedoms
Section 1(e) freedom of assembly and association;

Our strength is unity, our intent is freedom

The more cells in a battery the more power. The more people who align on purpose the more energy, frequency, vibration to create a world where truth, coherence and freedom prevail.

The following is a list of networks across Canada taking a stand against tyranny, dehumanization, police brutality, economic slavery, genocide, etc.

Please join one or more grassroots movements and invite others because numbers count more than anything.
End policies tearing at the fabric of Canada [Barrie, ON assemblies]
* United, peaceful, non-compliance
Canadian Constitution Center
Exposing corruption from the inside
Wake Up. Grow Up. Stand Up.
Know your rights. Free videos. Rocco Galati 
People empowerment.
Businesses with non-discrimination policy; respect all masking exemptions 
Alternative news
Restore civil liberties.
Support if vaccine injured.
* Freedom is essential 
Legal – Alberta
Connect, inform, prepare
* Upcoming events
* Upcoming events
Ontario Civil Liberties

Police on guard for thee. 
End the tyranny 
People empowerment 
Set Canada Free 
Transform convictions into action
Unite against tyranny and oppression.
Reclaim self determination and self governance [Link Tree]
* Enabling Canadians to take action to take back our lives 
Inter-active nerve centre of MODERN MEDIA 
Protecting informed consent, medical choice and Charter rights. 
Empower small businesses

We need millions of Canadians to know the truth and align on purpose to end reckless endangerment of children, reclaim our health, dignity, sovereignty, businesses, income, freedom, and preserve our species.

Please share this list and invite people to support one another. Thank you.

If you know of other Canadian grassroots networks please email the link to

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Via ethernet to safeguard life


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