List of Freedom Networks: Learn, Join, Bolster

Updated July 22.21

Transform chaos into coherence

Canada was taken over by enemies both foreign and domestic long ago.

Freedom Rising

Are you concerned with the current assault on our individual rights and freedoms? Do you think governments around the world have exceeded their rightful authority? You are not alone. 

The intention of this website is to serve as a rallying cry to support those who seek truth, liberty and justice. We invite you to rise up and do what you can to preserve our rights and freedoms.

Included is a directory of allies Canada and International who are already standing up to protect and uphold our inherent rights. Visit

Join one or more grassroots movements and invite others because numbers are what really count.

We need millions of people to know the truth and align on purpose to end reckless endangerment of children, reclaim our health, dignity, sovereignty, businesses, income, freedom, and preserve our species.

Please share to support one another. TY

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino


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