May 2021: Blinders to the truth come off

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Intelligent transformation

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The last half of May 2021 brings major revelations that will tug/remove blinders on people in apathy, denial, and ignoring the truth. Crimes against humanity by church, state, and corporations will finally be revealed so please inform people now about what’s coming and why, which is to free us and heal the planet.

During the close of one world age and before a new one begins, the sons of dark and sons of light do battle to see who will win, the true meaning of Armageddon. Every human is now tasked to discover his/her original blueprint, and intentionally direct through higher mind freewill choices, the Power of their unique spirit/soul into a new era.

Suggest people prepare for disruption, stay out of fear and in their hearts. Ask the One True Creator/Source/God and Other Names for strength, guidance, resources, ease and grace to transition.

Flash points

The following is impacted by every thought, action, and feeling, which increase or decrease the collective consciousness and act like a boomerang.

May 04-28 Some saving grace as volatile ups and downs, and major shifts in the economy and stock markets globally slump downward into a depression.

May 09 Mothers Day. Each of us can make May 2021 a month of love. Love is power to offset anger and violence as the truth is revealed. Stay focused and grounded to radiate a higher frequency. Every day meditate. Imagine, sense, feel love, open your heart to receive and send love.

May 10 to May 15 Explosive period.

May 10 A major crisis impacts everyone. It is pivotal, volatile, and destiny related. The whole world is shifting incredibly.

Three planets will form a Y [YOD] or Finger of God, a time when all the pressures in the world explode.

May 11 New moon. An emotional time. The Finger of God starts cutting through to the core, to get to the bottom of things that will change everything. War like energy. Important to say focused. Use your breath to calm and ground yourself.

May 15 Extremely aggressive time. 2021 is the year of break downs and break through. When people who are fed up learn the truth a lot of anger and violence will likely follow.

May 17 Avoid travel. Lots of discord in governments. Kamala Harris’s chart shows a rise in power. Repercussions for Biden’s health. Something about Donald Trump. Shifts will cause all countries to align.

From May 26 lunar eclipse/full moon to June 10 solar eclipse the truth will be revealed as never before. Intense emotional period. Extremely volatile time.

May 30th Big shifts in communication. Media monopoly will be replaced by new venues, new platforms, and new ways to get information out.

By year end this world will be an entirely different place.

Planetary healing

25:00 mins What you can do. Please listen to Joni’s closing message.

Coincidence? 3 planets form a Y, the Finger of God

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is illustrating a Y with her fingers because when writing about antibodies they are designed in the literature to look like the letter Y.

Two arms atop the Y are called FAB fragments.
The stem of the Y is called the FAC fragment.
Two arms [FAB] grab hold of the virus and generally neutralize it.

When we look at the m-RMA, it grabs one arm of the Y loosely and binds to it. When the FAC fragment goes over to hook onto the macrophage that is supposed to kill it, and it gets taken inside, that m-RNA gets released and starts replicating over and over. It’s like having an ON button without an OFF button.

Make it so

Is the Finger of God 2021 the ‘off’ button for separation and darkness, and the ‘on’ button for a new era foretold as 2012 by many Indigenous cultures and almost every world religion?

Global Coherence Pulse May 15, 2021

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May 15th – 12:00-1:15pm PT

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The more people who participate, the more coherence to smooth transition during these shifting times, and the more coherence in our individual energy field. Please inform and invite others to participate. TY

Be fearless.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Via ethernet to safeguard life


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