Oct 2020 ‘leaked’ PMO office email actually playing out

Disclosure is ‘law’ on this planet

The forces of darkness ‘must‘ tell the people in advance of their plans. Why because man has freewill choice to stand together in their POWER to end harm. By Maxim of Law, silence is tacit or implied consent.

Leaked Oct 2020 document regarding future covid measures in Canada. Many people thought it was fake news; experience proves otherwise. https://www.henrymakow.com/2020/10/viral-world-lockdown-plan-leaked.html

It’s All Playing Out

The more light and exposure these plans get, the less likely they are to go through. Believe that. In the coming months we will be seeing people, not just politicians, but government health officials, high ranking officers, members of the press, societal figure heads and more, be held accountable for their incompetence, deliberate and over-reaching abusive use of power, over not only Canadians, but humanity as a whole.

Universal basic income [UBI]

The universal basic income program is in second reading. It got put under the radar through quote ‘a private member’s bill’. It’s not a private member’s bill it’s an elected ‘liberal MP’ and that’s now in second reading.

What the Bill proposes to do is put in a universal basic income and scrap, eliminate the Canada pension plan program, which is a contributory program, which for the last five months through its board of directors has been shipped to China. So that’s on the rails.

Judy listed key elements in the video as follows

9 min – police all agree or scripted to bring in military law??

12.35 strategic planning committee asked to design a way to transition’ Canadians to meet unprecedented economic endeavor .. one that would change the face of Canada forever

12.58  introduce Total Debt Relief .. world debt Reset program .. how it works .. IMF*.

*The IMF offered the president of Belarus a $940 million loan in exchange for must lockdown and mask your citizens when advised. He refused and went public with the letter he received.

14.48 in acceptance of this program .. you forfeit all property and become part of cc-19 injection program ..

16.00 UBI is a welfare program .. when they say jump .. you say how high .. pension plan will be scrapped .. CPP .. 

17.24 who will receive our assets???

17.38 what if people refuse to participate in the programs .. listen to the very troubling answer .. sit in lockdown indefinitely. . later be deemed a public safety risk and relocated into isolation facilities ..

Listen to Rocci’s closing remarks .. we need 10 to 20% of the people to be non-compliant .. We Are Not There .. Yet !!!  

Hard look at UBI

Everyone loves the idea of free money. But how does it look when you really think it through? https://youtu.be/YrpD7YJ-dDk

Stop feeding powerless entities with the POWER of your freewill consent

There is only ONE response to every human freewill choice, ‘And So It Is.’

Learn the secret of the universe = everything is energy, frequency, and vibration. Think deeply before you you project the energy of an intention, before you ignore or deny what finds you, before you harm or allow harm, which act like a boomerang and in today’s environment can prove deadly. TY

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Via ethernet to safeguard life


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