Professor Cahill “I would sue for murder if someone forcibly injected me with a vaccine.”

Molecular Biologist and Immunologist, Ireland

Part 1 of an interview with Professor Dolores Cahill who answers questions about should you take the vaccine? Being pressured into taking it – Lockdown and not wearing a mask. Interview by Liam Galvin. Video

People will start dying after covid injection

In this interview, Dr. Cahill makes a grim prediction based on what is known about m-RNA, their rushed development, and using mRNA instead of conventional antibodies.

2012 Published Paper: ‘Immunization with SARS coronavirus vaccines leads to pulmonary immunopathology on challenge with the SARS virus’


Why is organized genocide happening?

Aware people remain silent to keep their jobs.
Collusion. Big money paid to enforce covid restrictions.
Mainstream media complicity.

Genocide of indigenous people for centuries was admitted yet nothing changed. Government structures, betrayal by church, state, corporate, media, man’s natural tendency to trust, apathy, and wilful compliance remain in place to make genocide possible again.

Susan Stanfield on Genocide. Nov 2020. Susan lives in British Columbia, Canada. 20 mins

Gather evidence for politicians, mayors, council members, chief of police, school principals, etc. and ask “How do we know we’re not witnessing a 2nd genocide?”

We need to start calling this what it is

Once we acknowledge genocide we can help others do the same and stop it. Otherwise silence is implied or tacit consent. Thank you.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Via ethernet to safeguard life


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