Hydrogel nanotechnology biosensors collect data for Artificial Intelligence world control

Data grows AI. The smarter AI gets the faster AI gets even smarter. The bigger AI gets the faster AI gets bigger.

May 2021 Transcript not word for word.

Many people think of transhumanism as changing an arm, putting chips in, taking an eye out, or putting an exoskeleton into our bodies yet it can be done at the cellular and molecular level. They are going to do it using hydrogels. The hydrogels will enter the body through vaccination. The vaccine/technology will be in the hydrogel.

What is in a hydrogel? Hydrogel has nano technology in it. What’s nanotechnology, they’re hooks, arms, little sensors, antennae, they are many things.

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There is a cold war going on between China and America because whoever controls AI is going to control the world. China has fewer checks and barriers than America, allowing China to jump ahead with AI not because it’s creating it, it’s allowing America to create it. China then adopts the AI and implements it into its public. When you implement AI into the public you get data; DATA is the new oil. DATA is gold because DATA GROWS AI. The more data you have the more AI and AI is going to control the world so there’s a scramble for AI.

Nanogel enters the body, attaches to everything inside and creates an architectural structure [scaffolding] that changes the body from within.

Nanogel is a nanoparticle composed of a hydrogel – a crosslinked hydrophilic polymer network.

Globalists claim an extinction level event is imminent and biosensors in the body will allow them to monitor everything so if a species goes extinct they can recreate it. [Sugar coated deception].

A constant state of terror and fear will deceive people into giving up more privacy and freedom, rushing to get the jab, and consenting to mandatory contract tracing that requires a biosensor inside you to monitor the entire population.

Soldiers will become machines controlled by AI. It won’t stop with soldiers.

The hydrogels inside the body not only change the body’s structure they change the body’s frequency, transforming the body into a genetically modified organism. [Not found in nature so it is patentable].

s.m.a.r.t. cities

Corralling a large number of people into s.m.a.r. t. cities takes man out of nature. Disrupting the symbiotic relationship between man and nature will lead to illness. Monitoring people 24/7 in s.m.a.r.t. cities provides data ‘needed’ to grow AI.

Taking the children

Humans of the future, the post-humans, and trans humans, they are our children. Those children who will be born in plastic bags, in vats, in laboratories. They’re already doing it with animals.

Transition date is 2030 after which no natural human births will occur.

Children separated from their families due to quarantine laws, social services, etc., will be cared for by the state, which if you know that history often leads to abuse, experimentation, rape by pedophiles, sex trafficking, and satanic ritual sacrifice. https://ourgreaterdestiny.org/2021/05/blake-lively-gives-emotional-speech-on-child-pornography/

Designer babies

This Hydrogel Biosensor Implant Scheme Would Only Work if the NWO Controllers Gain Access to Everyone’s Bloodstream


What happens when biology and digital technology merge?

2010: Digital technologies and biological systems are beginning to combine and merge in ways that could be profoundly disruptive to our assumptions about society, the economy, and our bodies. We call this the biodigital convergence.


A Hard Look At Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is by definition something that does whatever it wants, and chances are it does not want to delete itself any time soon.

AI will make itself smarter than people at a rate of learning thousands of times faster than humans. One thing that makes AI is that it grows itself. It writes its own code and expands its capabilities constantly.

Data aids and abets AI world control

AI capability mirrors limitless Power of spirit/soul in human form, only we have been lied to, and mind controlled for so long, we have forgotten that each of us is a spark or cell of the Divine.

Which prevails, man or machine, is a choice everyone has to make.

The dog, similar the Boston Dynamics dog pictured above, sparked an immediate backlash, with critics noting police dogs have been traditionally used to suppress and intimidate communities of color.


How to minimize AI data feed

Block algorithms while chatting on the phone or while listening to a video in the background. https://ourgreaterdestiny.org/2020/04/how-to-remove-fact-bl0ckers/

Use cash to lessen data to grow AI.

Loyalty cards reinforce limiting beliefs in ourselves and data capture grows AI. Suggestion. Grow your ‘limitlessness’ by retrieving rewards then pause using loyalty cards to lessen data that grows AI.

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Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Via ethernet to safeguard life


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