International Class Action filed in Ontario Superior Court Is Not Over!

Special Session: International Legal Offensive Corona Investigative Committee

Ottawa Lawyer Michael Swinwood filed a class action lawsuit Jan 2021 that was dismissed by the court Feb 2021. An Appeal was filed April 2021.

I received a long video that includes an update from Michael Swinwood who is not standing down. I perceive Michael’s message is vital in many ways, so I transcribed key elements. Transcript not word for word.

3:51:44 mins
Michael Swinwood: The story is the same everywhere. It’s interesting in Chile, and what she said about all the legislation, movement and military. It’s a template for what’s coming for the rest of us.

I visited a lawyer I hadn’t seen in almost 5 years. He practiced criminal law for 50 years so he’s up there, a brilliant man, a brilliant criminal law lawyer who mentored me at the beginning. I have a lot of respect for him. When I went to see him I was met by masked people asking where’s my mask. I dug out a mask and put it on. He and I went into a room and he was stand offish the whole time. He commented that my mask was under my nose, and he’s giving me all these admonitions. I mentioned that I was working against all these things he talked about. He wanted to know what was wrong with me. I was shocked. I thought he’d have some semblance of knowing. He said he was listening to Fauci and Sanjay Gupta on CNN and he believes them. I asked if he had done any research and he said no. He said he got the first vaccine. I asked if he knew what was in it and he said no.

My point is this. Here’s an intelligent human being, a criminal law lawyer, very experienced, very sharp, very street smart, in complete fear and not wanting to investigate because those people are intelligent and they’re telling the truth.

That consciousness is predominant in many places. People do not wish to make the investigation. This is where the danger lies, in those who don’t want to pay attention to what’s happening around them and do something about it. They’re content to listen to officials lie to them and follow their instructions. I asked him to please, please, open his mind enough to investigate. I knew as soon as I left he wasn’t going to do anything because he was convinced the authority is correct, what they’re telling him is true, and that people like me need to give our head a shake because we don’t know what we’re talking about.

If a person is not desirous of knowing something they’re not going to bother. For them it’s meaningless so the consciousness of humanity is what’s at play here, and how we influence a higher consciousness is the task. We’re  essentially losing because the propaganda campaign has been perfect.

This is what you have to get. If I stand in front of someone and say ABC but their consciousness cannot accommodate ABC. They can look it up in the alphabet and say oh yeah, they’re the first three letters of the alphabet I didn’t know. They can’t hear ABC because their consciousness is stuck in a particular place. The reason it’s stuck is because of brainwashing that has been going on for a long time to the point where average Joe listens to authority. In Canada we’re famous for saying I’m sorry rather than saying I have rights. The concept of challenging authority is to a rare few. Dominic, you and I are the minority. If people would just listen we could show them but they just can’t accommodate it.

We have to fight the fight without them if we want to affect the agenda put on humanity, and we’re handicapped because they have all the levers, and they’re well organized. They’ve infiltrated everywhere and in that infiltration they’re pulling the levers. I’m in South America infiltrated by Jesuits who worked their way up into the United States and Canada. Canada has to be one of the worst countries in the world for lockdown right now. Ontario has border crossing police saying you can’t come in from Quebec or you can’t go into Quebec. Getting on a plane in Montreal I had a border guard at the doorway of the plane asking me what’s my purpose for travel. The other thing, when you go through security now before you place your stuff through the x-ray you get photographed leaving the country, and you have to if you want to go through security.

The idea that you’re in a free and democratic society is out the window. Instead of operating under the rule of law we’re operating under the rule of covid, and the rule of covid is there’s a pandemic you should shut up. That’s basically it.

243:32 mins The chief justice of Ontario said “We will not return to normal until everyone is vaccinated.”

Viviana: They said the exact same thing here [Germany]. Even the wording is completely identical.

Michael: The reason the wording is identical is because it’s the same consciousness we’re up against. That’s back to the idea that yes what we’re doing legally, we hope to impact and effect and we hope to bring about a stoppage.

The more I see the more I’m convinced this is going to be a difficult job because it’s almost as if the person I have to go in front of is like the man who practiced 50 years criminal law, and there’s nothing I can that even puts a doubt in his mind that there’s a problem. He believes the people telling him this is the way it is.

If I tried to explain to him about the pope, the queen, the Jesuits, right away I’d lose him. He’d think I was crazy, and that’s how the judges treated my Statement of Claim. In essence, they looked at it and said “Oh my goodness.” They don’t know anything about it and they didn’t care to know because from their perspective it’s just the way it is, and you’re not part of the program.

We’re going to dig in, dig in, dig in. As it presently stands, I just filed my Appeal Book and Memorandum of Fact and Law, yesterday in the court of appeal. 30 days from that date both Canada and the Province of Ontario have to respond to my class action filing in the court of appeal, and we might get a hearing date quicker than not.

We’re also working on the class action for children, and we’re representing Frontline Nurses who’ve all been taken down so we’re doing a class action for them.

I have a hearing June 28th and 29th on behalf of Adamson’s barbecue and Adam Skelly who engaged in civil disobedience in his restaurant in downtown Toronto, and had 253 police officers on the raid.

We have 6 experts, we have a virologist, we’re attacking the PCR, we’re attacking all elements of the hoax, and we have great, great, experts. We get to see Canada’s experts on May 13th. They have to provide us with their reports and then we get to cross-examine the experts. Were going full-tilt boogie and we’re definitely going to keep it up, keep it up, keep it up. 

Although it might be different in different countries what you’re seeing is an agenda that’s the same, and where they think they can get away with more stuff they do it. The province of Ontario is completely under Jesuit control and people don’t know that. I can see diminution of the rule of law, and ignoring of the Charter of Rights is the way they’re going. They’re not saying “Oh, we’ve got some problems here, the rule of law is under attack and rights are under attack”, no, no, no. So, by increments tyranny is being implemented.

Why is there a spiritual component to this? What’s the essence of the spiritual component? Number one, all of us are divine beings having a physical experience. People don’t know, they don’t understand that aspect because of dogma. That dogma has been put on people to take away the idea of their own divinity and put it in the hands of someone else between you and spirit. Tyranny started with that idea of laying dogma on people and pulling them away from their own relationship to spirit.

What each of us has to come to grips with as human beings, is our own connection to spirit because everything you see is because of spirit. It’s the breath of the Divine that allows everything to grow and breathe and be. So, within that is power. Much more powerful than the tyrannical force of this insane consciousness imposed on humanity. It represents the dark force and we represent the light force. Therefore we have an added reservoir in addition to law, which is our relationship to spirit that we can connect with every single day, and give yourself the ability to experience magic come into your life. You’ll be amazed at how things will change just by virtue of making that connection.

A miracle. When you’re in the mountains you have to be careful going around curves especially when there’s an 18 wheeler coming that takes up the whole road. When I arrived, I was driving on one of those mountainous roads, and as I came around a corner there was an 18-wheeler taking up the whole road. At his speed and my speed we were going to collide, and right there was a little dirt patch to pull over, and in an instant I pulled over and boom I was out of danger. It’s like that. It’s like angels sort of blowing their breath at the right time and miracles happen.

I am a firm believer that if we think that way and act that way it’s going to impact the agenda. They’re bound to make mistakes and we have to be alert to the mistakes and go where that entry allows us. So, I think the combination of law and a real understanding of our connection to spirit, and enforcing that on ourselves every day, in other words making a remembrance.

My teacher, my spiritual teacher says that self-remembrance is the most important thing to self-realization. Then you have to examine the question what is self? Who am I, and when we get into that question who am I? If we can answer it by saying I’m a divine being having a physical experience we up the vibration, we up the consciousness. We need to elevate the consciousness of humanity because it’s in a very, very, dark place right now.

Reiner: I think we’re all in agreement on this. I wouldn’t have said this a little more than a year ago but if you look at what’s happening it’s global insanity, and there’s no other way to make sense of this than on a different level, and what else can it be but spirituality. The law alone won’t suffice, not this time.

The way out of chaos is within

Consent is a reality generator.

The power to change trajectory is in us so please share. TY

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
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