Mandatory mRNA in 2007 movie Vexille: Predictive Programming

In this Earth freewill zone man ‘MUST’ be told in advance

Call it predictive programming, Natural Law, synchronicity, coincidence, conspiracy theory, the forces of darkness must obtain consent of man to carry out their nefarious plans. What few people realize is that silence is implied or tacit consent. In other words, unless you say no, you said yes.

I transcribed the video [under 2 mins]

Vexille: That was 10 years ago just after the government implemented the whole isolation policy. We began hearing reports of a mass epidemic, some unknown disease in the country. The details were vague at first, nothing of the cause or transmission of the disease, only that it was highly contagious and in most cases, fatal.

Before the general public even had time to react the government declared a state of emergency and ordered a mandatory vaccination program, “For our protection” they said. As it turns out that was the beginning of our nightmare.

The disease was complete government fabrication, and the supposed vaccine they were injecting into everyone in reality it was a cyber virus developed by Daiwa. The virus has a mutated effect on the cells of the body. It alters the molecular structure and converts them into biometal, essentially turning us into machines from the inside out.

There is no way to stop it, and to make things worse the cyber virus was still early in its experimental phase.   

Child asks: What do you mean?

Male responds: Daiwa didn’t even know if it would work. It had never been tested on a large scale so they turned Japan into their own private laboratory.

Vexillle: When it does work, the virus gradually progresses through the body until it reaches the brain. At that point we become perfect androids under Daiwa’s control.

The speed of the process differs from person to person. Those of us who have yet to be fully assimilated, as best we can, we hold on to those fragments of our humanity that still remain but even now, we can feel them slipping further and further away.

2077 Isolation of Japan [2007 movie]


Vexille, a veteran agent among the group, uncovers the horrifying truth behind the ten years of isolation.

1981 Novel Tells Story Of Wuhan-400 Virus Outbreak; Chilling Resemblance To Covid-19

The Eyes of Darkness by Dean Koontz, a 1981 novel predicts Coronavirus like outbreak called Wuhan-400 Coronavirus.

The future is listening

Truth telling is often validated in outer reality. Moments after posting htttps:// the above video showed up at

Each of us has a responsibility to share factual information so the truth can set us free. The movie Vexille, X-Files, Simpsons, and others perceived as entertainment, are entertrainment, to get us on the same page so we save ourselves and preserve our species.

“Entrainment” is a term borrowed from physics which simply means the tendency for two vibrating bodies to lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony. For example, one tuning fork when struck and placed next to another tuning fork will cause the second one to vibrate at the same frequency.

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