The Future is Listening – Become a Conduit

The close of this world age, foretold by many indigenous cultures and most major religions, reflects metamorphosis of caterpillar [darkness] into butterfly [pure light].

Garnered from Dr. Bruce Lipton.

Chaos erupts as caterpillar’s immune system initially perceives imaginal cells of the emerging butterfly as a threat and attacks them. Imaginal cells are not deterred.

Butterfly imaginal cells appear in even greater numbers and cluster in community.

Butterfly imaginal cells recognize each other and bond until sufficient imaginal cells organize into new structures, and along new organizational lines that overwhelm the caterpillar’s immune system. [They do not compromise they organize!]

Transcendence requires man to tame his/her ego otherwise he/she risks cycling down the globalist’s drain.

Butterfly imaginal cells cooperate and evolve together.

Caterpillar and butterfly have the same DNA. Decaying caterpillar bodies transform into nutritious soup for butterfly growth.

When butterfly is ready to emerge the chrysalis becomes transparent. END

How transparent are crimes against humanity now during ‘purification’ that occurs at the end of every world age because debris [energy of man’s unloving choices] cannot enter a new era coming toward us.

The future is listening. In other words, a new era will reflect our responses as the truth is revealed for us to transform harm into harmlessness and free ourselves.

Replace fear with expanded awareness and action

Cycles within cycles change universally similar to seasonal changes on Earth. The close of this world age cycle is rare and natural, so seize the opportunity to spiral up the evolutionary ladder through higher knowing, self governance, and profound respect for all life.

MP Derek Sloan and MPP Randy Hillier demand a Royal Commission into COVID-19

Legal action in progress

Our efforts will not only benefit South Africa but humanity as a whole. Court date May 27,  2021.

Share evidence of crimes against humanity.

We have all been deceived and need to heal inner emotional wounds if we are to preserve our species, restore truth, unity, coherence and freedom. 3.5 mins  

Please inform others of the rare opportUNITY at hand and that covid is the catalyst to take back our lives, freedom, and home planet. 

Thank you.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Via ethernet to safeguard life


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