Toddler “I can’t breathe in this mask.”

The children need us to defend them

If the eternal battle between good and evil that escalates at the end of a world age to transform harm into harmlessness was known to more people, it is likely they would have a change of heart, which changes everything.

Is this ‘why’ our children are being targeted, so adults stand in their power, together, to protect and save the children?

End child abuse and dehumanization

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This is more than about face mask abuse. It’s also about ending child sex trafficking, pedophilia, s@tanic ritual sacrifice, organ harvesting, transgenderism, mind control, destroying families, destroying man’s divinity.

Young girl in the UK takes school to court over masking

The significance of this case has become even more evident, as according to senior Whitehall sources, Boris Johnson will defy trade union pressure and announce on Monday that secondary school children will no longer be recommended to wear face masks from May 17th. More at

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A deadly combination of exponentially increased suicidesdrug overdose, homicide, alcohol consumption, calorie consumption, delayed cancer screenings, spousal abuse, tuberculosis, and more is occurring. Researchers conclude this combination will outweigh deaths from COVID by multiples. Read more

Links to freedom fighters reclaiming national and personal sovereignty across Canada

What each of us does/does not do impacts everyone. Belief in separation of any kind is self limiting. Be fearless and support one another.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Via ethernet to safeguard life


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