How J. D. Rockefeller Created the Business of Western Medicine

A pill for an ill

Natural and herbal medicines were popular in America during the early 1900s. Almost half the medical colleges and doctors in America were practicing holistic medicine, using extensive knowledge from Europe and Native American traditions. Rockefeller knew that to get total control of the medical industry he would have to expunge the competition. So Rockefeller used his vast oil money to purchase part of the German pharmaceutical company I.G. Farben. (look up this company’s involvement in WWII). Now that he controlled a drug manufacturing company he could get rid of the competition.

After removing traditional medicine from schools, Rockefeller secured his monopoly by launching a targeted smear campaign against his competitors. Homeopathy and natural medicines were discredited and demonized through newspapers and other media. Some doctors were jailed for using natural medicine treatments, including treatments that had been used safely and effectively for decades before. In a very short time, medical colleges were all homogenized. All the students were taught the same allopathic system and medicine was now defined as a process of prescribing patented drugs. “A pill for an ill” became the mindset of American medicine. Read more at


The following piece of journalism is absolutely unprecedented in U.S. history. With this bombshell interview, the dam of Covid truth has finally been broken. These three extremely courageous individuals must be commended for their truly great service to the American people!



It’s all a script

Nurses say exact same words on TV, pushing for covid injections.

The truth is setting us free

Rockefeller knew the germ theory of disease could be an infinite source of revenue if they could convince the population of it, and so they did.

‘Once the substantial resources of the Rockefeller philanthropies were put behind scientific medical education based on germ theory—with full consent of the AMA—American medicine became synonymous with the germ theory. This, the Flexner Report (1910), and medical research devoted to finding pharmaceuticals to defeat germs to “cure” disease, were all funded by Rockefeller philanthropies and led to what is considered the dominant paradigm in American medicine.

The covid hoax collapse under weight of colossal lies, offers great insight for open minded individuals.

If you perceive holistic alternatives to ‘a pill for an ill’ are bogus it’s because mind control programming by media, government, big pharma, and agents of allopathy worked so well.

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