The gold rush for bogus vaccines is on for non-existent or benign conditions

HIV setting the pace in bogus vaxx race

To transform harm requires us to first acknowledge it exists. Denial and ignoring the truth allow harm to flourish. It’s also important to focus attention on what we want, like millions of people seeing through gross medical fraud because reality is created from inner to outer.

By Rosemary Frei

This month marks the 40th anniversary of the first report of what was subsequently dubbed ‘acquired immunodeficiency syndrome’ or ‘AIDS.’

Officials like Anthony Fauci are using the occasion to spread the message that vaccines for HIV, which is the virus said to cause AIDS, will soon be rolling out. Forty years of fruitless effort supposedly are suddenly successful thanks to the precedent of the lightening-speed and ‘successful’ development of Covid vaccines.

Fauci said June 4 in an MSNBC interview by Rachel Maddow that because of “the technologies that have now been perfected, particularly the mRNA technology and other vaccine platforms that were perfected and used in Covid-19, I believe strongly we’ll go back and be able to really forward and advance the HIV [vaccine] effort.”

June 6 Guardian article says that Fauci “holds out hope that the three HIV vaccines in advanced clinical trials will prove at least 50% efficacious, justifying a global roll out. But he now hopes mRNA or other advanced technologies could yield even more powerful HIV vaccines.”

Note that under Fauci, in July 2020 as part of Operation Warp Speed, four major NIAID-funded HIV global clinical-trials networks were retooled into the Covid-19 Prevention Network (COVPN). People in the network help create vaxxes and other ‘treatments’ for both HIV and Covid.

And already by April 14, 2020, mRNA ‘vaccine’ maker Moderna had announced that soon they’ll be conducting small human trials on their experimental jabs against HIV and the flu.

So far, at least 26 different mRNA shots are on the way from Moderna, in addition to their three types of Covid jabs. The shots in development range from two for HIV to one ‘personalized cancer vaccine.’

Among the main funders of Moderna’s mRNA HIV-vaxx development is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. AIDS is a special focus of Gates’s, including through the Global Fund and especially for people in sub-Saharan Africa.

Vaccines are immensely profitable: the new, Covid jabs are topping the all-time charts for medical money-making. Plus vaccine makers have no liability for the illnesses and deaths they cause. Therefore using the name ‘vaccine’ for all ‘treatments,’ no matter what they contain, is a formula for making huge amounts of money with very little downside. More at

HIV and SARS-COV 2 twin frauds

Please inform others and intend for evidence to land where it can do the greatest good.


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