The Leaderless Movement (Documentary)

The great awakening of humanity

by The New Agora 

The Leaderless Movement documents the rally on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on August 29th, 2020, which brought people together to challenge the C*vid narrative and other issues involving government deception, overreach, and tyranny. This is being called a ‘leaderless’ movement due to the awareness on the part of the organizers that humanity as a whole needs to be deprogrammed out of blindly trusting and following ANY leaders, and individuals need to step up and establish their own personal sovereignty.

All around the world different groups of people who have been divided for decades and even centuries are standing proudly side by side fighting for a common cause. Ottawa provides a microcosm of this as the rally represented a true coming together and mutual respect between the English, French, and First Nations.

Meeting with the brave and wonderful people who worked together to organize this event confirmed my belief that we are starting to see the great awakening of humanity unfolding before our eyes.

Is Real-World Activism Part of our Spiritual Journey?

We are living through a time that is shaking us down to our foundations. This ‘Pandemic’ has led to actions being taken by governments that seem to completely disregard the rights of citizens and the rule of law. And there is mounting evidence that the severe measures being employed have not had any positive impact on our collective health and safety, and in fact are only serving an agenda to strengthen the grip of control enjoyed by the ruling class.

It is healthy to question things that don’t make sense to us, and we deserve answers. We have every right to defy commands we feel are unjustified–especially when our government oversteps and ignores the very laws it is supposed to uphold. And rather than heeding the growing discontent, and giving even the faintest impression that they are trying to ‘serve the public,’ the government is pushing back on our defiance like never before.

Let there be no doubt: we are in the midst of a spiritual battle.

But have courage. I believe that everything happening around us, as nefarious as it may be at some level, is being guided by a higher intelligence. And that higher intelligence has brought forth a situation that gives us an opportunity to begin to take charge of what is happening on the planet.

Fresh water beings

We are fresh water beings born on a salt water planet full of deception, fraud and mind control enslavement.

Our mission

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World unity week June 19-26.21

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