URGENT: Major Anti-Vaxx Survival Project

Request to help preserve our species

If anyone would like to donate please contact Allan Finney directly by email. TY

From: Allan Finney <afinney@valuesgov.ca>
Sent: June-23-21 12:30 PM
To: Doreen <earthcentral@rogers.com>

Subject: A Major Anti-Vaxx Project

I am writing to everyone on my covid email lists today to ask for your possible assistance in a major project I have been working on over the last several months.

To put this project into context, I offer the following background observations.

To date, in Canada, the cabal has managed to:

  • Suspend the rule of law
  • Suspend the Charter of Rights and the Constitution
  • “Lockdown” Canada and coerce the population into an experimental “vaccination” program.
  • Censor the internet.

The Next Steps of the cabal are:

  • Introduction of Covid Passports
  • Forced vaccinations

They will justify this through the deaths of immune-compromised (vaccinated) people in the upcoming flu season as the death tolls mount.

This is the end goal of the cabal based on numerous public statements and a study of the situation by a number of very qualified people.

The fact is that the suspension of the Constitution, Charter Rights and the Rule of Law can only legally take place under the War Measures Act or the National Emergency Measures Act, none of which has been invoked.

Which means that Canada is effectively in a state of war and a political coup d’etat has taken place.

This makes the actions of our present “governments” high treason. There is no other way of putting this.

Since law enforcement has been coerced into this treason, it is incumbent on citizens to act or forever lose Canada to undemocratic dictatorial, fascist or totalitarian forces – take your pick on wording.

What can be done?

The question is – what can be done that will be effective in counteracting this treason?

Which brings me to this project – I have been working on this over the last several months and I can only release general details as it depends on anonymity until it launches. Otherwise, the cabal will prepare for it and have counter-measures in place.

The Project

In assembling this project, I needed a number of team members who are now in place:

  • Law enforcement personnel with Criminal Code and investigative backgrounds;
  • A medical insider to direct our communications to the appropriate health authorities (individuals within the Colleges, Health Canada etc);
  • Myself – I have a communications and marketing background which is the other essential skillset for this project.

I cannot give you any more details without compromising the anonymity of the project itself (which is essential), but I can tell you that several very qualified investigators and medical insiders have said that this project targets the “Achilles Heel” of their plans and that political and medical authorities will “fold like tents.”

This project also co-operates with an international project with the same objectives.

At this point time is running out, which is why I’m making this appeal.

How you can possibly help

I worked on this project based on a very wealthy individual saying he would put up the money required for the launch.

However, despite several very direct assurances by this individual that he would come up with the funds, it hasn’t happened to date. However, we are running out of time and I can’t wait any longer hoping that this individual will come through.

First off – this is not a project that can be “crowd-sourced” or crowd-funded as publicly releasing details about the project would allow the opposition to prepare briefing notes etc. for the targeted individuals which would negate the impact.

It is imperative that this doesn’t happen.

So I’m writing this email asking if anyone knows people that would be willing to come up with $50K or more to launch this project. It wouldn’t necessarily have to come from one individual – but it would have to be high net worth individuals.

If you do, I am willing to tour the individual(s) through the website (currently password protected) and/or give them an online powerpoint presentation to outline the concept.

I have budgets prepared which I can also share with qualified individuals.

I would like to do this on relatively “secure” platforms like Signal or Telegram.

I’ve probably already said more than I should via unsecured emails, but when we get into the next “flu” season, the remaining plans in place by the cabal will be triggered and I believe that is the point of no return for Canada.

So I consider this a highly urgent matter. And this is my final appeal – either I can launch the project or I will be forced to abandon it – I have no further resources myself and time is at an end.

Many of you on this list know my background but for those that don’t – I have been involved in major commercial marketing campaigns. I’ve studied communications theory and techniques all my life, including a deep dive into historical propaganda- and I have run my own business for over 30 years, so I’m used to getting things done.

I’m also a video producer having done volunteer work for VCC, Action4Canada etc. and posted a number of anti-covid videos on the Librti platform under my name. Unfortunately, I consider all of the work I’ve done to date ineffective and quite frankly “too little too late.”

However, myself and a number of qualified people do believe that this project would have a major impact. And it’s time to launch it.

If you’d like to contact me about this, please reach out via email or phone or better yet, Signal or Telegram or some other relatively secure platform. Please do not ask for further project details via email.

I’d like to thank you in advance for any assistance or leads you may be able to provide,


Allan Finney

The way out is in our choices

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Please share. TY

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Via ethernet to safeguard life


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