We need a wiser strategy as follows

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Those in charge have long since signaled they have no intention of returning to a liberal democracy founded on the recognition of inalienable individual rights and freedoms. If data were the ingredient required to confront them, they would have folded long ago. They are impervious to data. This isn’t about a virus. This is a psychological game and it’s all about power and control.

We are fighting a psychological battle, not an intellectual one

This battle cannot be won with data … which is what we have been doing. Data plays an important role in changing hearts and minds, but only as a secondary ingredient.

Data will help those who start to ask questions, but first they need to ask their first question. First there needs to be a seed of doubt.

How do you seed doubt without data? Doubt is created by breaking the illusion of consensus.

  1. Many only start to ask questions after getting their first C0VlD jab mis-identified as a va$$ination. As they begin to feel safe, they regain their ability to think, which gives rise to questions and doubts.
  2. Doubt can also be created when someone’s personal experience doesn’t match the propaganda they’ve been fed.
  3. And doubt can be created simply by depriving someone of the illusion of consensus.

Doubt creates conflicting emotions that can only be resolved by enlisting the rational mind. Doubt leads the mind to seek out data, not the other way around. The regime is doing everything it can to prevent the fearful from thinking. This is a psychological war.

The outcome of this psychological war lies in the hands of the silent good people. Those of us who have already made our dissent public can only keep reinforcing our visibility and keep putting out more data to reach those who are already starting to have doubts, but only the silent good people can grow our counter-chorus to the necessary 10% needed to deprive the regime of the support of the crowd.

If you, dear reader, are among the silent good people, the shape of our future rests in your hands.” Learn more at

Sow seeds to reap self empowerment

What each of us CAN do is stop being data mined through electronic transactions that feed artificial intelligence [a.i.] and make people rich by selling your personal interests.

Without data to feed a.i. the beast system cannot take over this planet nor can it function!

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So, this week and every week, use cash only every Friday and spread the word to reach a minimum 10% of the people. TY

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino

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