Canada has a criminal BAN on anything that affects our Genome

Updated Sept 04.21

Know your legal and unalienable rights

This letter to Attorney General/Minister of Justice Canada David Lametti will likely gather dust b/c parliament was dissolved prior to the next election, which may be the LAST time voters go to the polls before a dark world reset.

Dark entities ‘need’ man’s consent

If you sold something of value would you give it away on a PROMISE or obtain a contractual agreement to hold others accountable?

Why then do VOTERS give away their of power attorney, their privacy, their consent in return for PROMISES no politician can ever deliver b/c they are all owned by entities that long ago hijacked Earth, and are now taking complete control of every body, mind, spirit/soul with consent of man?

PAGE 12 letter to Lametti reads

Canada has a criminal BAN
 on anything that affects our Genome since the HUMAN GENOME has to be protected as specified in the Principals of the Assisted Human Reproduction Act S.C. 2004, c. 2.

• genome means the totality of the deoxyribonucleic acid sequence of a particular cell. (génome) This includes our DNA/RNA helix within the genome. 
• (g) human individuality and diversity, and the integrity of the human genome, must be preserved and protected.

This further means that utilizing the CRISPR gene-editing system or changing anything in the HUMAN GENOME as with the injection of a spike protein in the mRNA Gene therapy treatment injections is a criminal offence. This ban was imposed after the Supreme court Judgement of the Harvard College v Canada (Commissioner of Patents), [2002] 4 SCR 45 court case regarding the “ONCOMOUSE”

One of the debates regarding the patenting of the ONCOMOUSE, was that once you change the genes of the Mice, we will not be able to find these genetically altered mice in NATURE, therefore, they no longer qualify as natural Mice. 

Once this is done to the HUMAN GENOME, then the Human species will be at risk of extinction as we will all now become genetically modified transhuman not found in NATURE. We will no longer be natural humans, nor considered as part of nature. 

Genetic Non-Discrimination Act

Bill S-201 (Historical)

An Act to prohibit and prevent genetic discrimination.

Moderna Chief Medical Officer Admits mRNA Alters DNA

2017 TEDx Beacon Street talk by Tal Zaks, chief medical officer of Moderna, Inc., a pharmaceutical company manufacturer of the experimental mRNA technology injection, confirmed mRNA injection for COVID-19 can change your genetic code or DNA. Zaks calls it “hacking the software of life”.

When “changing” a line of code or “introducing” a line of code” (referring to DNA), the ‘code’ or DNA is then altered, meaning the individual or ‘subject’ has now had their genome changed to what the scientists have coded. The individual or subject is no longer a creation of God but a creation of man, meaning the individual or subject could be the object of a “patent”.

The way out of chaos is not through a polling booth

It’s up to people with factual evidence, people who know man’s legal rights, who know man’s un-alienable rights [un-able to be liened] as opposed to inalienable rights that CAN be surrendered or hypothecated, to inform others so we pull together to save ourselves, preserve and free our species.

The path to freedom is within by releasing long held limiting beliefs, being the change you want to see in the world, and not expecting politicians or others to save you.

The laws voted by man are created and can be changed to accommodate the wealthy and powerful, but the laws of nature [harmlessness] cannot be violated without consequences.

Everybody must choose

Thanks to Judy

“This moment, humanity is experiencing, can be seen as a door or a hole. The decision to fall in the hole or walk through the door is up to you.” Hopi Indian Chief White Eagle July 9th 2021.

If any politician was worth voting for … they would come clean about covid19

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Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino


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