DNA Harvest: Transhuman cryptocurrency

Mark of the Beast Covid jab deceptively marketed as vaccine

Dr. Christiane Northrup – May 2021

01:43 mins DR: There’s never been a vaccine like this. It’s an RNA vaccine also called trans-infection that fundamentally changes people’s DNA. What I dislike even more than the usual thing about toxic metals in vaccines that make our bodies into an antenna with 5G, this one has non-human DNA, monkey, fetal cells, pigs, whatever, that begin to make us what’s called chimera by introducing non-human DNA into our bodies.

What’s worse is a patent, and work they did at MIT to make a dye. The patented dye is called luciferase, which under a light you can see who was vaccinated and who wasn’t. The deal is to store your biometric information because this vaccine will have nanoparticles, nanocrystalline particles that are actually little robots, like little antennae, with the ability to take your biometric data, not only your vaccine record but your breathing, your heart rate, your activity, sexual activity, drugs you take, where you travel; all of that data and store it in the cloud.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, on March 26, 2020, applied for a patent number 060606 to take that biometric data, give you a bar code, and connect each of us to crypto currency so we become slaves to the system. This patent to connect the vaccinated to cryptocurrency, making every human a commodity, is extremely concerning given that this is a virus from which 99.9 % of people recover.

The plan is to vaccinate the entire world, and the narrative we’re being sold is things will not go back to normal until everyone is vaccinated. With what, a transfection thing we’ve never seen before? By the way, once those nanoparticles go in there’s no detoxing from them, there’s no getting them out. They combine with your DNA and you’re suddenly programmable. With proposed 5G networks the body would be an antenna easily remotely controlled.

06:08 mins In the past, when they tried to do this kind of vaccine in animals, the animals appeared to be fine initially. After a while when their bodies came in contact with the germ they were vaccinated for they experienced pathogenic priming; somehow the vaccine did something to the immune system so they got very sick when actually introduced to the pathogen. So we don’t know whether or not that would happen.

11:19 mins At the very worst, connecting you to cryptocurrency so we have a cashless society, facial recognition, the ability to control a whole population, and there are aspects of this that are nefarious, which is that with 5G rolled out that’s 60 gigahertz and that vibration, that radiation can adversely affect the hemoglobin in our bodies making it very hard to be oxygenated. That looked like what was happening in China at the beginning, and also New York City where people would come in blue, unable to get enough oxygen and they were put on respirators and killed that way because that wasn’t necessary.

18:00 mins Fear is the lowest vibration we can possibly have, and it’s incredibly powerful at controlling people, controlling the masses, and the minute each of us finds the courage to stand up, then we find our true power as human beings made in the image of God.

HOST: You talk about the incredible way a body can heal itself and I’m with you 100%. I am going to ask for your opinion on this. I am so concerned about this vaccine. I don’t think people can recover from it and I think it’s suicide to take the covid 19 vaccine. Do you think you can detox from the covid vaccine?

DR: There’s two things I would say. In the 3rd dimensional world ‘no’ we cannot. We can only detox from it if we get a direct connection with our divinity. I work with Robert Frichie, World Service Institute who teaches people how to heal with divine love, God’s love. This is not religion folks. So, to me it’s a possibility we can heal anything but why take the chance? I would never take the chance. Why would I put my body through that? I believe this vaccine is designed to cull the human race [Video muted. Read her lips].

Extensive description and links https://www.bitchute.com/video/7rMcCm61z65t/

Spiritual warfare

It is imperative to reach a vast % of people about what time it is … natural and rare end times with challenges as well as opportunities.

About how fear makes us prey at a time when greater awareness, withdrawing consent to harm, and collective right action are ‘power’ to defeat predators. https://ourgreaterdestiny.org/2020/12/is-the-mark-our-individual-unique-dna-sequence/

Altering natural man’s genome is a crime against the One True Creator, the only Power, responding unconditionally to man’s freewill choices. Choose wisely and inform others so they can do the same. TY

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino


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