How to refuse the ‘Jab’ and Keep Your Job!

Employee Toolkit: Protect Your Job [Canada wide]

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We work in partnership with other organizations such as the JCCF, Lawyers4Truth, TakeActionCanada and many others.

How to Refuse the Jab and Keep Your Job

The Employees Toolkit will empower you to protect your employment and your right to bodily autonomy. There are two letters which are intended to be provided to your employer in order. If letter No. 1 does not get the desired result, please then use letter No. 2 (coming in a few days).

Very Important!

Under no circumstances should you quit your job! If the letters do not work, force your employer to fire you. Document everything! Send the letters via email and request read receipts. Record any and all phone conversations. Do not have a private meeting with your boss without a 3rd party present and make it clear you are recording the meeting, as is your legal right (You can use your phone for this. It will have a voice recording app).

By leaving a paper trail and recording all relevant conversations you will have the ammunition you need to file and win a wrongful dismissal suit.

Share solutions instead of problems

  • Know Your Rights
  • Letter 1
  • Letter 2
  • What to Do if They Fire You Anyway

Canada wide and Ontario details and links at

Download 2nd letter to protect your job and bodily autonomy

This letter references the laws which your employer is breaking by 
a) mandating vaccines for you and other employees
b) dismissing you from your job if you refuse the vaccine

If the first letter does not get the required response move on to this letter. It makes it clear that your employer is in violation of multiple laws and will be held accountable.

Under no circumstances should you quit your job. Make them fire you. Keep a paper trail of everything. If you can prove they are in receipt of these letters they cannot claim ignorance of the law (although ignorance is not a legal defense). You can then sue them wrongful dismissal. More details at

Ontario Dental Association

This Association was ready to notify dental offices that patients must provide proof of the jab before treatment.

However after the ODA was notified of their liability and all the laws they would be violating if they pursued their course of action, they made a 180 degree turn and notified dental offices NOT to request proof of the jab, etc.

I had expressed concern of vaxxport requirements at my dental office early on. Last week I had oral surgery and learned their office would not require proof of the jab [for now?]

Positive news

Canada is not heading down the same path as Australia [authoritarian police state]. At least in Ontario, police are starting to serve and protect the people.


Please share for others to protect bodily autonomy and employment. TY

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino


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