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Maxims of Law

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Maxims are principles of law universally admitted as a correct statement of the law, or as agreeable to reason.

Everyone is the manager and dispenser of his own affairs.
Many things pertain not to human laws but to divine jurisdiction.
In whatever manner a thing is constituted, in the same manner it is dissolved.
Plain truth need not be proved.
Words spoken vanish, words written remain.
The law favors a thing which is of necessity.
The voice of the people is the voice of God.

Law of Occupation

All Earth is occupied b/c we did not remove the occupiers. Consequently, the Law of Occupation applies meaning occupiers can extract whatever they want from anyone, even if it is to your detriment.

Saskatchewan officials may ‘authorize the entry into any building or on any land, without warrant, by any person in the course of implementing an emergency plan.’ https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/canadian-provinces-orwellian-ministerial-order-allows-officials-to-enter-ones-personal-property-without-a-warrant/  

Occupation means we are the enemy. [See: Lieber Code 100]

Quiet war

A quiet war waged against man using silent weapons [gmo food, chemtrails, wireless, vaccines] to gradually, subtly, and relentlessly depopulate the planet, was ramped up with bio-weapons [SARS-COV 2, variants] cleverly timed with flu season to pull it off.

The Northwest Coastal People who came to Kanata first over 10,000 years ago, collectively called the Peoples of the Salmon, along with other Indigenous Nations, are ready to end the occupation and are calling all races to unite and set ourselves free. https://www.firstpeoplesofcanada.com/fp_groups/fp_nwc1.html

Share solutions instead of problems

Patrick King from Alberta interviewed Chief J.D. and Medicine Keeper Candace Hill at a peace camp of warriors in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Excerpts are not verbatim.

The Clan Mothers are coming out to lead the way. July 2021, Clan Mother Almaman lit a sacred fire [48 days] that brought people from all over the world. Word reached the Māori people about the Clan Mothers and what is happening in Kanata.  

The time is now to bring back the old ways which include values, morals, courage, respect, coherence, peace, unity and the 7 Sacred Laws http://turtlelodge.org/what-are-the-7-sacred-laws/#:~:text=The%20Seven%20Sacred%20Laws%20form%20the%20foundation%20of,your%20fellow%20human%20beings.%20Listen%20to%20your%20heart.Reconciliation includes forgiveness.

Rallies are being held across the country for people to unite.

Indigenous peoples need allies. Many of them fear repercussions if they come out however if they see all peoples uniting they will come out too.

We are in a spiritual war

Psychologically, human minds have been saturated with fear. What is it that you fear? Engage your fear to transform it, and strengthen yourself though alignment with like minded people.

We came in as sovereigns, living men and women. We, as living men and women hold the power, which is what the Horse Nation said. We must stand in our power and they will stand with us.

Focus on solutions instead of problems.

We do not need politicians nor do we need to place trust in them.

We have the solutions. We have the people. Separation ends with us now.

Set boundaries and respect them.  

Different levels of government and police have been invited to align with all peoples.

The occupiers did not take your voice; you GAVE it to them.

Communication is the cure and it’s free. The more we practice it the more emotional rewards find you.

The desired outcome is unified solidarity for the peoples, by the peoples, everything that needs to be addressed in its proper format, and issues that impact the freedom and liberation of everyone.

If we fail to do something there will be no future for next generations.

The intent: If Canada and the provinces fail to listen, which is unconstitutional, Native Inherent Signatories have the right to address this.

The documents to get politicians to the table are the Hudson’s Bay company sale of Prince Rupert’s Land that were not dated nor signed making the contract null and void, and every contract thereafter null and void.

The foundation of our future in all transactions is transparency.

Reconciliation includes forgiveness, which begins with forgiving ourselves. When we are clear within it is easier to forgive others. It also includes litigation for harm perpetrated on humanity.

The occupiers are after our children and grandchildren. The media is complicit and this must end.

Be your own nation. Align with others in your nation b/c ultimately we are all part of one nation.

Mandates are not law. Find and use the exemptions.

Canada is a resource rich country. Transform your fears and redirect the energy into solutions.

This interview reveals possibilities. The time to unite is now. https://www.facebook.com/therealpatking/videos/1073946350014177

Mandates are not law – push back

Dr. Mark Trozzi [Ontario] and Dr. Stephen Malthouse [B. C.] say if a doctor refuses to treat you b/c you are not vaccinated, file a complaint with the College of Physicians and Surgeons, a regulatory body created by provincial legislation. 


Unification of all peoples would be a first for our species. How easy or difficult we transition depends on each of us b/c the more people the more energy to bring our intention into physical reality.

Please spread the word and ask others to do the same. TY

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino


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