Covid’s d@ngerous sucksessor Marburg

Sequel to covid 19, the marburg pLandemic

Oct 01.21

The m@rburg virus may be a distraction or real.

Kieran Morrissey’s URGENT message to humanity …

Kieran Morrissey is a US born Engineer who worked in healthcare for most of his career. He was educated and spent most of his life in Ireland.


Papers have been published claiming the m@rburg virus is spread by bats asymptomatically. This was dis-proven during the covid scamdemic. If you do not have symptoms you do not have the virus therefore you cannot spread it. There is no such thing as asymptomatic spread of a virus. That has now been accepted however they published papers to the contrary.

RiVax experimental jab fast tracked

The most worrying development is that they are fast tracking a new ricin rich vaccine called RiVax for m@rburg. RiVax contains ricin which is a toxic substance used in terrorist attacks in Tokyo subways that killed a large number of people.

How will they start this m@rburg pandemic without actually spreading it? They already started it.  

The vaccine injuries we’re seeing from the covid vaccine include bleeding and clots similar to hemorrhagic fever. When they give the booster shots to the people in nursing homes and hospitals who are prisoners, and children who are in close contact in schools, they will cause further bleeds and clots that will appear as hemorrhagic fever. They will test for it using their new PCR test and claim it is m@rburg.

This will explain excess deaths seen in hospitals and there will be a coverup. They will say excess deaths are not due to covid vaccine injuries they are due to m@rburg.

There will be a very large sudden panic that will ensue. There will be mass hysteria as never before. People will rush to get anything that will protect them.

The RiVax vaccine will be rushed through and given as an experimental vaccine in the same way as the covid vaccine. However one big difference with the RiVax vaccine; the infrastructure is already in place and all the resources are there to deliver the ricin vaccine is a very short period of time. They can achieve 100% coverage of the operation in very little time.

The ricin in the vaccine will kill billions of people very rapidly

There is no way of stopping it once it starts.

The only way we can stop this m@rburg epidemic from being touted by Bill Gates, GAVI, World Health Organization and whoever else is behind it, is to STOP TAKING THE COVID VACCINES.

We must convince friends, relatives, everybody that is the wrong thing to do. It will make them sicker. What they must rely on is their NATURAL IMMUNITY. Build it back up with vitamin C, vitamin D, Zinc, and all other minerals that are necessary.

If they become sick with covid we have ivermectin, and hydroxychloroquine which are very effective.

We do not need a vaccine that causes hemorrhagic fever symptoms.


If we do not stop it, the m@rburg virus will be used as an excuse to issue the ricin based vaccine that may kill billions.

Please spread the video and evidence. Inform key influencers. Click ALLIES in Canada and International at

Kieran Morrissey’s research posted at

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Help one another

Please inform others of deceptions and perils at hand. TY

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino


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