From Prey to Warrior

Coming out makes occupiers ‘most’ vulnerable

This planet has been under occupation for millennia.

Freedom requires the conquered to take back the planet otherwise silence permits occupiers to do as they please, even if it harms all peoples.

The occupiers have come out, so to speak, to finalize total dominion over all resources and technology, money, people’s body, mind, spirit/souls.

Unless individuals align with Power of the Divine in them to take back health, lives, children, and planet, this tract of humanity may end up persecuted or go to extinction.

Our golden opportunity is unification

When individuals tame their egos and negative emotions, chances of survival and freedom increase exponentially.

The worst nightmare for a rogue government oppressing people is when tyrannical overreach finally moves people to push back. When that inextinguishable fire is lit, burning away compliance and submission, deception and distraction, and propelling people into right action … it inevitably leads to freedom and victory.

We’re the ones who hold the power

This must be our final hour

We’re the ones we must empower

So the truth goes marching on!

There is a Plan – stay focused

After Judy forwarded I left a request at their website to call me. Oct 21.21 I emailed them as follows.

The Peoples of the Salmon arrived on the west Coast of Canada 10,000 years ago and never signed a Treaty with the government. As the only true sovereigns on the land, the Peoples of the Salmon presently invite all peoples across Canada to break free from Corporate Canada and align with Indigenous peoples under First Law of the Land, which is harmlessness.

The possibility exists for Team Canada-unity and the Peoples of the Salmon to synergize unification efforts.

I await clarification of risks and benefits of this action.

The new federal government was to open Parliament Oct 18.21. For the 2nd time, the Peoples of the Salmon got the government prorogued [discontinued without dissolving] until Nov 22. 21.

I will return with clarification. Please share to prime the pump for new awareness to flow into cooperation that leads to unity, coherence and freedom in Canada, and ultimately the world. TY

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino


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