Red Sea Moment

Babylonian Money-Magick | evil beyond imagination

By Sam Piercy

Sam explains how our current credit system works and how it is designed to fail as we symbolically move through the Red Sea towards the promised land.

Knowing how the beast system works and where it’s leading can help shift thinking towards wealth – because true wealth overflows with blessings to multiply goodness into perpetuity, compared to the current system of absolute slavery…

God, the One True Creator of All, wins, so be in hope and stand confident against armies of deception!

Collapse of planetary civilization requires consent

Special Submission
SOTN Exclusive

Few people know that the top level advisors and other leaders of Hitler’s Nazi regime, were Khazar Turkic Ashkenazis who originated in Central Asia and ‘adopted’ Judaism.

These men were the richest and most powerful banksters, industrialists, politicians, doctors, attorneys, accountants, etc. within the German, Austrian and Swiss Zionist Movement. This is where the word Nazi came from — AshkeNAZI; now known as ZioNazis who run Zionist Israel.

These same banksters were behind the Armenian Genocide, World War I, 1918 Spanish Flu, the Great Depression, Ukrainian Genocide, and World War II.

It’s critical to correctly understand that the ZioNazis and banksters launched their global crime wave with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, to create fiat money out of thin air to fund and finance all of their crime sprees against humanity.

The ZioNazis greatest crime spree committed against all of humanity — by far — is the ongoing COVID CON. This global criminal conspiracy of epic proportions could only have been carried out as a biowar on the entire human race with LOTs of money – fake fiat money, that is. Read more at

It is wise to know the extent these entities have gone to, and are willing to go, to finalize implementation of total world domination.

‘The Jerusalem Report’ with Ilana Rachel Daniel

Suggest you listen b/c this is our story world-wide.

Israel’s Government Under Netanyahu Unlawfully Gave the Israeli People to Pfizer, as Unaware Covid Vaccine Test Subjects.

Copy, paste and add h to watch b/c censorship will not allow a live link here. ttps://

What to do?

If government in your area is contacting unvaxxed people to book a date for the jab, withdraw consent by not answering the phone unless you know who is calling.

Minimize use of electronic tracking devices. Store them in metal containers when not is use to block signals.

Post No Trespassing signs along with a Trespass Notice at entrances to your home.

Find people who share your views and passions, then find more and more of the same. Meet in person if possible, without phones and other tracking devices, or meet on line so everyone can share what they know, identify allies taking right action, join and support them. Click Allies at

Please, share to equip others with information to safeguard them and loved ones. TY

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino


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