Options are disappearing gradually, subtly, consistently

Amazing Polly does deep research so others don’t have to. Her critical thinking skills are beneficial to all who are willing to listen.

Watch what insane Cybernetics / Transhumanists are building with endless streams of individual data, and negative human emotions [loosh] upon which they thrive.

LOOSH: A term applied to energy produced by human beings and animals that other entities use to feed from; also used to refer to energy produced by suffering that entities feed from.

Everyone has freewill choice to stop feeding them.

Colossal vaxx deception – green pass, red flag

Oct 05.21
ISRAEL: Under new guidelines, people must have received a third jab, a booster shot, to be eligible for a green pass.

It means nearly 2 million people will lose their vaccination passport in the coming days – with the cull beginning today.

10 DOSES per Canadian

Is anyone asking questions, pushing back, or will everyone wait until military vans roll door to door to ensure everyone is jabbed .. repeatedly?

James Bond movie: Target people and people become the weapon

Hollywood shows us what globalists are up to. Filming began in 2017.

To the ordinary COVID-jabbed, corporate news-consuming individual, the new James Bond film is an action-packed fitting end to Daniel Craig’s tenure as the womanizing “double-O” British spy agent.

Briefly, No Time to Die is about a bad guy who creates a bioweapon that can attack people based on their genetic composition. People who become infected acquire nano-robots in their blood stream. They, in turn, become carriers of the virus, which they can spread to others they come in contact with.

Enjoy the week-end where you can.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino

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